G2 Review Generation

How Siemens is Leveraging G2 to Drive Competitive Advantage
G2 Review Generation

In a highly competitive software market, standing out from the crowd and effectively connecting with prospective customers is crucial...


How impact.com Cut Their Cost Per Lead in Half with G2

impact.com, a SaaS platform that allows businesses to manage their partnerships, was dealing with...

G2 Review Generation

With G2, Kolleno sees 10x the Number of Closed-Won Opportunities

Launching a start-up is not for the faint of heart. That’s why when global financial operations...

Case Studies

SEON Sees a 600% Increase in Free Trial Clicks Powered by G2

Are you a growing company in a niche industry that needs more eyes on its products?

Case Study

Hospitable Boosts Leads by 280% With G2

Today’s buyers are savvier than ever before. This means leveraging social proof in marketing is no...

G2 Review Generation

Reputation Sees 174% Increase in ARR With G2 In-App Reviews

Demonstrating excellence is the most challenging part of leading by example.


Salesloft Uses Power of Customer Voice to Drive $1 Million+ in Pipeline

For many companies, capturing customer feedback and effectively leveraging the voice of their...

Data Analytics

Plytix Reduces CPL by 82% With G2 Marketing Solutions

Customer reviews confirm your selling points for buyers, but can be challenging to collect.


ROI Hunter Sees 1.5x Increase in Sales Conversion Rate With G2

Pivoting your business at the onset of a global pandemic and establishing authority in a new market...

Real Estate

BoomTown Collects 220 New User Reviews With G2 Marketing Solutions

Your customers are your most important asset. And if you follow BoomTown’s footsteps, you’ll...

Case Study

GoCardless Taps into North American Market Using G2 Solutions

Expanding an established business overseas is easier said than done. GoCardless, however,...


Audiense Generates 60+ Customer Testimonials and Improves Brand Positioning With G2 Marketing Solutions

A success story about how one of our customers, Audiense, used their G2’s Marketing Solutions stack...