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RELAYTO Establishes Market Leader Position with G2's Platform

January 9, 2024


In today's saturated SaaS landscape, breaking through the noise, winning customers, and proving your worth is an uphill battle. With hundreds of platforms competing for attention, it's a challenge to find a way to connect with your audience and showcase your unique value proposition.

But for RELAYTO, this challenge turned into a remarkable journey of growth and enhancement, led by its strategic partnership with G2.

RELAYTO is an innovative content experience platform that breathes life into static documents. It transforms eBooks, presentations, and sales collateral into engaging experiences with exciting visuals and interactive elements, pushing the boundaries of traditional communication and storytelling. 

So, in an industry where standing out is the name of the game, RELAYTO discovered that the key wasn't to compete with the noise but to find a reliable collaborator. Teaming up with G2 distinguished them from the crowd and drove them to expanded clientele and market leadership.

Building from scratch isn't easy

When starting out, companies often have uncertainties about customer preferences, what works, what doesn't, and how they compare to competitors, making customer acquisition even more challenging. It's like navigating a complex maze without a clear map.

RELAYTO also faced this universal struggle of building a brand from scratch. They needed to validate their competitive position, measure customer satisfaction, and amplify their communication strategy. An additional hurdle was effectively showcasing the software's appeal to a diverse customer base, each with unique needs and roles.


  • Building a brand from scratch and validating competitive position.
  • Showcasing the software’s application to a diverse customer base while actively gathering customer feedback and satisfaction data to refine its appeal.
  • Amplifying communication strategy to enhance brand visibility and spark customer engagement.

Recognizing the necessity for a solution that validated their market position and connected with their audience personally, RELAYTO sought a strategy to instill confidence among potential customers. 

They needed a partner to showcase their achievements in a way that resonated with their prospective customers. So they turned to G2.

Finding G2: The missing link

RELAYTO recognized the alignment of G2's mission with its own objectives. The partnership gave them access to G2's badges and reviews, a proven tool that boosts customer trust and satisfaction.


RELAYTO leveraged G2 to:

  • Boost credibility and build customer trust with G2 Reviews and ratings
  • Gain actionable insights from authentic user feedback on the platform
  • Reinforce market standing through the use of G2 badges across various platforms

The feedback from real users provided concrete insights into areas where the platform could be improved, and G2's satisfaction rating feature offered a metric to measure customer contentment.

“We love G2 because it helps us to participate across multiple product categories with multiple segments, from SMB companies all the way to some of the largest enterprises in the world.”

Alex Shevelenko
CEO & Co-Founder, RELAYTO

RELAYTO gained leadership status in 13 categories through G2, which provided a tangible endorsement, affirming that they were indeed on the right trajectory. The strategic use of badges across various platforms further solidified their credibility and market standing.

Emerging as a market leader

The strategic alliance with G2 brought about a transformative impact for RELAYTO across multiple dimensions. 

The platform's focus on customer acquisition, fueled by G2's tools, resulted in a surge of new engagements. G2's platform helped them communicate effectively and encouraged tailored messaging for diverse segments, marking RELAYTO's dominance in 13 product categories. 

The transparent feedback mechanisms also solidified RELAYTO's reputation as a platform responsive to user needs. Additionally, the strategic use of badges across platforms further enhanced credibility and market standing.

“I like working with G2 because of the positive and high-energy team, and the mission to bring transparency and trust to the buyer-seller connection.”

Alex Shevelenko
CEO & Co-Founder, RELAYTO

But that's not all. G2's impact goes beyond acquiring reviews and badges. RELAYTO saw direct meetings being booked through G2, and the people coming were not just leads but prospects who were educated about the platform's value, saving crucial time in the sales process.

A snapshot of RELAYTO's success

  • Supercharged growth through improved customer acquisition and enhanced communication with prospective customers
  • Established market leadership in 13 product categories across sales, marketing, and design
  • Validated position as a leading platform with high customer satisfaction

Alex Shevelenko, CEO and co-founder of RELAYTO, sums it up best: "Instead of investing in traditional methods like steak dinners and golf courses, I recommend investing in G2 for an intimate and interactive experience with potential customers." 

Are you ready to elevate your market presence and redefine your communication strategy? Learn how G2 and our marketing solutions can help you validate your position, measure customer satisfaction, and acquire new customers in a competitive landscape.

G2 marketing solutions Let your customers find you

Turn market barriers into stepping stones with G2 marketing solutions.

G2 marketing solutions Let your customers find you

Turn market barriers into stepping stones with G2 marketing solutions.

RELAYTO Establishes Market Leader Position with G2's Platform Discover how RELAYTO established market leadership, boosted customer acquisition, and enhanced customer experience through their partnership with G2. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/RELAYTO.png
Harshita Tewari Harshita is a Content Marketing Specialist at G2. She holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and has worked in the sales and marketing sector for food tech and travel startups. Currently, she specializes in writing content for the ERP persona, covering topics like energy management, IP management, process ERP, and vendor management. In her free time, she can be found snuggled up with her pets, writing poetry, or in the middle of a Netflix binge. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Harshita%20Tewari_Author%20Image.png https://www.linkedin.com/in/harshitatewari/