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G2 delivers the authentic voice of the customer, and they are fully transparent with their algorithms.

Jarrod Greene

Vice President of
Product Marketing

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3x increase in conversion with G2 accounts compared to traditional leads

20% reduction in sales cycles when compared to 2020

30% generation of pipeline in 2020 was generated from G2

The place to see and be seen. Thousands of top software providers drive growth with G2.

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Vecteezy Gains 1,100+ Reviews In Under 6 Months With G2 In-App Review Lever

It’s no surprise that carving out a niche to differentiate your business is important. 

How a G2 + Pendo Integration Led to 150% More Leads for Truckstop

Even established brands need to continuously build on their digital presence.

85% of Highspot’s Closed Won Opportunities Influenced by G2

Standing out in a crowded market is a challenge that many SaaS companies face. But if you’re...

Umbraco Uses G2 Solutions to Increase Average Deal Value by 30%

Software buyers conduct extensive research.

Salesloft Uses Power of Customer Voice to Drive $1 Million+ in Pipeline

For many companies, capturing customer feedback and effectively leveraging the voice of their...

Plytix Reduces CPL by 82% With G2 Marketing Solutions

Customer reviews confirm your selling points for buyers, but can be challenging to collect.