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220+ new reviews and 4.8 star rating

BoomTown used G2 Review Generation and Compare Reports to generate 12 new opportunities, collect 220+ reviews, and remain a Leader in their category.

42% decrease in Cost-Per-Lead

Metadata leveraged G2 Buyer Intent to fortify targeted audiences in a new ad format. Compared to a control group, they measured 12% higher conversion rates and 18% larger average deal size.

2X increase in leads YoY

After a promoting a G2 Grid Report on LinkedIn, Looker saw a 2X increase in leads YoY and 6X higher-than-average CTR.

154 reviews in 2 days

With a G2 Review Booth, Oracle collected 154 reviews in 2 days, which resulted in a $1,540 donation to New Story charity.

3x increase in low-funnel conversions

Kibo used G2 Buyer Intent data to replace cold outbound efforts with intent-driven ABM that identified and converted high propensity accounts 3x more than their previous rate.

19.3% conversion increase

After using reviews across its landing pages, ad campaigns, and social media, Sisense a 19.3% increase in conversions.


“How we build trust and credibility is everything for our brand. G2 allows us to make all of those interactions better.”

Kipp Bodnar, Chief Marketing Officer

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6-figure Enterprise close

With G2 Buyer Intent data, DialogTech identified an opportunity and closed an Enterprise deal 2X their average deal size.

Over 100 student opportunities

Objective Paradigm partnered with G2 Gives and the Illinois Technology Institute to support over 100 students.

Leveling the playing field

G2 reviews and user satisfaction ratings helped Kimble PSA win against big-budget competitors.


“The Content Package is a goldmine of data. The volume and quality of assets we were able to create from G2 within a short time frame was more cost-effective and time-effective than 3+ months of work.”

Gideon Thomas, VP of Growth

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“G2’s Compare Report is one of our best performing content pieces. With G2 we’re able to show prospects how real customers view our product. It’s real users who explain what it’s really like to use our product.”

Tom Campbell, CEO

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1500% ROI

Only 6 months after partnering with G2, Winning By Design had reached 1500% ROI.

200+ MQLs

With G2 Buyer Intent and LinkedIn, a major Marketing Automation leader converted 200 MQLs into $100K in revenue.

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