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G2 delivers the authentic voice of the customer, and they are fully transparent with their algorithms.

Jarrod Greene

Vice President of
Product Marketing

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3x increase in conversion with G2 accounts compared to traditional leads

20% reduction in sales cycles when compared to 2020

30% generation of pipeline in 2020 was generated from G2

The place to see and be seen. Thousands of top software providers drive growth with G2.

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Chargebee Generates 280+ Leads in One Year With G2 Buyer Intent Data

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Aptitude 8 Sees a 120% Increase in Customer Reviews on G2

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How Siemens is Leveraging G2 to Drive Competitive Advantage

In a highly competitive software market, standing out from the crowd and effectively connecting...

How impact.com Cut Their Cost Per Lead in Half with G2

impact.com, a SaaS platform that allows businesses to manage their partnerships, was dealing with...