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G2 Integrations for Sales Engagement

Book more meetings with better prospects.

Increase your response rates by integrating your G2 Buyer Intent data with your Sales and Marketing tools.

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Buyer Intent data makes any tech stack better.

Marketing Automation

Reach your target accounts with timely, relevant campaigns by integrating with HubSpot and Marketo.

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Account-Based Marketing

Create ultra-targeted campaigns by integrating with ABM platforms like Terminus or custom targeting tools like LinkedIn Matched Audiences


Sales Intelligence

Profoundly enrich your Buyer Intent data by integrating with Clearbit, Cognism, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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Sales Engagement

Trigger cadences based on your Buyer Intent data by integrating with sales engagement tools like SalesLoft.



Better timing

Reach prospects at the ideal time, shortly after they research your product on G2.

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Better content

Fascinate and compel your prospects with content based on insights you’ve uncovered through G2 Buyer Intent.

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Better contacts

Use your Buyer Intent data to discover accounts actively researching your product, category, or competitors.

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G2 Integrations for
Sales Engagement

Book more meetings with better prospects.