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G2 for Sales Engagement

Book more meetings with ready-to-buy prospects. 

Reach out at the right time, every time. When G2 Buyer Intent is integrated with your sales workflows, you’ll get the account intel you need to optimize your messaging, warm up prospecting, increase account engagement, and meet your quota, quarter after quarter.

Buyer Intent data stacks you stronger against your competition.

  • Target account tracking

    Get live access to new, in-market  prospects when they’re researching your product or software category on G2.

  • A warm pipeline of accounts

    Reach your warmest, mid and low-funnel prospects with timely, personalized, automated, and ultra-targeted messaging.

  • Harness sales intelligence

    Enrich your accounts from proprietary G2 Buyer Intent data with contact information for the right decision makers and the entire buying group.

  • Sales engagement that lands

    Leave data signal chaos behind. Integrate with the tools you love and surface the right actions that keep your deals on track.

The right time.

Reach active, ready-to-buy prospects at the right time, every time during each critical step of the buying journey.

Tailored content.

Leverage buyer insights to create tailored messaging and outreach specific to individual prospects.

Ready-to-buy contacts.

Use Buyer Intent data to discover who is actively researching your product, category, or competitors.

Learn more about G2 Integrations for Sales Engagement.