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Promote your success in your space and against your biggest competitors based on unbiased, third-party reviews.

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Grid Reports

G2 Crowd category Grid®Reports compare products in a given category based on satisfaction and market presence scores. Grid®Reports can be overall grids, or segmented grids; segmented grids are segmented by company size (small-business: companies with 50 or fewer employees; mid-market: companies with 51-1,000 employees; and enterprise companies: more than 1,000 employees).

Empower Buyers

  • Provide education and background information for prospects to do their due diligence.
  • Show potential customers how you compare against all products in your space head to head based on:atisfaction, market presence, and feature ratings.

Index Reports

G2 Crowd category Index Reports aggregate several data points collected from verified user reviews to provide a unique and focused score for evaluating a single factor in the software purchase process. Index reports highlight product success in usability, implementation, relationship, or results. Index Reports are segmented by company size (small-business: companies with 50 or fewer employees; mid-market: companies with 51-1,000 employees; and enterprise companies: more than 1,000 employees).

Types of Index Reports:

Use icons with text underneath (or next to) for each feature:

Implementation Index
This index presents users responses to implementation-related questions such as ease of implementation and time to go live.

Relationship Index
This index presents user responses to questions regarding their relationship with a software vendor overall, such as quality of support and ease of doing business with a vendor.

Results Index
This index presents user review data related to the results associated with software products such as user adoption and return on investment.

Usability Index
This index presents users responses to questions pertaining how easy a product is to use overall and whether products meet their requirements.


Compare Reports

G2 Crowd Compare Reports feature a side-by-side comparison of up to four competing products based on satisfaction ratings,and highlight the leading product for each metric. Compare Reports are great for your team to use as ‘kill sheets’ to close deals against your biggest competitors.

Run Competitive Replacement Campaigns

  • Show potential customers how you compare against your main competitors head to head based on a multitude of factors.
  • Allow your customer data to speak for itself with an easy to digest pieceof competitive content.

Momentum Grid

Momentum Grids show the growth trajectory that products have had in their respective spaces over the last year. The Momentum Grid identifies products that are on a high-growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. This is one more way G2 Crowd helps keep our community apprised of the products that are pushing the boundaries of their category, which helps buyers looking for new technologies make more informed purchasing decisions.

Provide Industry Insight

  • Help prospects understand the future of the space and what you’re doing to make sure you don’t fall behind.
  • Present third-party proof to investors that you are growing rapidly and are poised to become an industry leader.

Report Comparisons


Satisfaction Score x           x
Market Presence Score x            
Performance Index Score   x x x x x x
Feature Level Data If Available         If Available  
Pricing Information           If Available  
Implementation Data x x       x  
Results Data x       x x  
Usability Data x     x   x  
Relationship Data x   x     x  
Momentum Data             x
User Adoption x            
ROI x       x    
Available Segmented x x x x x x  

Implementing an effective review strategy can help your business sell more, improve your product, and turn unhappy customers into advocates.

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