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Harness the power of validated user reviews with a G2 Profile

Identify in-market buyers, respond directly to customers who have reviewed your product or service, and show off our success to prospects.

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Start Engaging Users with a Free Profile

G2 is free for vendors and buyers. With a free profile, you can update product information, receive & respond to reviews, and be included in a G2 report.

  For Marketing

Increase brand awareness with new user reviews and add product descriptions to help prospects gain an understanding of your solution

  For Sales

Improve close rates by sharing user reviews about your solution with prospects currently considering your product

  For Customer Success

Scale references by identifying brand advocates who love your product and connect with users who have had a poor experience to get them back on track

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Attract More Buyers with an Upgraded Profile

Attract, educate, and convert more prospects with an upgraded profile that includes access to custom branding, profile analytics, and reference pages.

  Stand Out From the Crowd

Attract interest and generate marketing qualified leads by leveraging brand assets and gated content across your G2 Profile

  Move Deals Through the Pipeline

Move opportunities forward with insight into what information prospects are viewing on both G2 and your website

  Scale References & Case Studies

Scale references by identifying brand advocates who love your product and creating a landing page with user reviews segmented by title, industry, and more


Promote Your Full Product Suite with a Master Profile

Ensure every buyer is aware of the full suite of offerings you provide with profiles that are designed for companies with three products or more.

  Promote Your Product Offerings

  • List all of the products in your product suites on one page to help your prospects understand how the suite can solve all of their current pain points.
  • Highlight your mission and values while promoting your growing product lines.
  • Cross promote products within a suite via Sponsored Content.
  • Guide customers to best fit products.


Expand the Reach of Your Reviews with Reference Pages

Scale your best customer references by moving the conversation online with G2 verified reviews. G2 Reference Pages allow your team to create custom landing pages with curated reviews, customer quotes, and video reviews.

  Focus on Your Strengths

  • Share reviews tailored to your prospects demographics.
  • Create multiple reference pages based on user personas.
  • Remove distractions by sending prospects directly to these focused profiles.

  Build a Reference Page that Works for You

  • Engage prospects with video reviews to add a personal touch.
  • Highlight your most impactful customer quotes with Crowd Quotes.
  • Add resource collateral to support your curated reviews.

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Begin Your Review Strategy Today

Implementing an effective review strategy can help your business sell more, improve your product, and turn unhappy customers into advocates.

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