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G2 Profiles

All eyes on you.

Your moment in the sun, your moment to shine. A profile on G2— the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace— draws a ton of attention, stirs up brand awareness, tracks customer voice, and captures demand.

On average, G2 pages appear in the top 5 search results when people seek software reviews.

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Build brand awareness.

Your story is all your own. Bring it to life with a personalized G2 Profile that reaches software buyers far and wide. Millions of decision makers visit G2 to find the perfect solution to run their business. When they're ready to buy, show them why your software or service stands out from the competition.

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Bring your brand to life with a custom profile.

Tailor your G2 Profile to showcase your offerings and your brand. Add company and product information, screenshots, videos, and more so buyers know you and know you well.

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Create confidence with reviews.

Let your customers do the talking. Profile reviews build credibility and convince people you’re the right choice, hands down. Share the love by highlighting impactful reviews across your marketing campaigns.

MoEngage Uses G2 to Strengthen Brand and Drive Demand

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Become a market leader—and show it off.

Gatekeeping? Pay-to-play? Nope. You’ll find none of that here. All you need is a profile with 10 reviews to get on a G2 Grid. We calculate placement based on what matters most—the voice of your customers. Reports are forever free for software buyers, putting you in front of prospects when they’re ready to make moves. Show off your success with G2 Content Subscription.

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Earn that badge.

Customer reviews translate to spots on widely-read G2 Grids. Strut your stuff and show off your badges. You earned it.

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Influence purchasing decisions.

Satisfaction scores, user ratings, and a whole bunch more. G2 category pages and reports show how you stack up to the competition, giving buyers the comprehensive information they need to make purchasing decisions.


of software buyers use peer review sites when buying software.1

1 2021 Software Buyer Behavior, G2

Track and manage customer sentiment.

Love. Love. Love. Identify who’s wild about you and change the minds of those who aren’t. Whether they’re all in or still skeptical, your G2 Profile unlocks the voice of the customer, providing meaningful insights about your product and the health of your user base. Identify customer champions when people leave rave reviews and reconnect with those who might churn.

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Engage, connect, and get real.

Customers won’t sugarcoat the truth, and that’s a good thing. Connect directly by responding to reviews, both positive and negative. Shape the future of your business using authentic feedback. Ask custom questions on your review form and gather the data you’ve been looking for.

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Access eye-opening analytics.

Your glasses aren’t smudged. Your G2 dashboard really does house page traffic, ease-of-use, quality support, and all essential satisfaction metrics in one, go-to spot.

Capture demand.

Be there the moment your prospects are ready to buy. Capture immediate demand right on your profile, and gather social proof and intent data to target in-market buyers throughout their purchasing journey.

Salesloft Uses Power of Customer Voice to Drive $1 Million+ in Pipeline

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Connect with a click.

When it comes to meetings, less is never more. Add custom CTAs on your profile to simplify demo requests or even integrate automated scheduling for a seamless experience. An easier buyer journey, more meetings on your calendar.

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Serve up content that converts.

Add gated content to your profile to educate buyers landing on your profile. Helpful content converts. More leads, coming your way.

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Reach in-market buyers.

Unlock G2 Buyer Intent data to reveal who’s looking at your profile, category, or competitors and when they’re doing it. Reach out when people are researching and increase conversion numbers.

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