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G2 Content Subscription

Transform reviews into revenue

And convert prospects into customers.

A G2 Content Subscription provides a bundle of user-driven content proven to influence prospects and customers in your marketing and sales programs.

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Demonstrate your value

Highlight your standing in G2 Reports and let your customers tell the story of your product’s value.

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Be more competitive

Get ahead of competitive conversations with Comparison Reports, based on real user reviews, that spotlight your strengths—and your competitors’ weaknesses.

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Enhance your marketing programs

Leverage G2 Content, sourced directly from G2 Reports, at all stages of the funnel. Start by captivating your audience with social assets and infographics. After grabbing their attention, close more deals with competitive data!

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Take steps to look your best with G2 Reports

Discover areas to improve and enhance your product and be more competitive in the market with Competitive Intelligence from the G2 Insight Subscription.

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No Magic. Just Reviews.

The G2 Content Subscription helps you engage buyers, enhance your marketing campaigns, and accelerate pipeline by letting your users’ reviews sell for you.