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G2 Content Marketing Subscription

Let your customers do the talking.

Win hearts, minds, and deals with G2 voice-of-the-customer content. Increase brand awareness, grow pipeline, build trust, and speed up the sales process.

Let's talk G2 Content


Looker achieves 6x average CTR promoting their G2 Grid Report™ on LinkedIn

Qualified leads coming in quick.

G2 Content comes from a serious number of timely reviews—we’re talking millions. The name of the game is trust, and when you create it with G2 Reports, Content, and Social Assets, you’ll get loads of qualified leads.

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Increase conversions with authentic content.

G2 Reports are sourced from real reviews and provide insights buyers can only find from G2. Content Marketing Subscription customers say that G2 Reports perform better than standard content and influence up to 85% of closed won opportunities.

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Show off your G2 Grid placement.

Let buyers know you’ve made it to the big leagues. Promote your G2 Grid ranking with digital and print marketing materials. More engagement and leads are sure to follow.

"Seasonal reports are great content for building our brand awareness and promoting our customer satisfaction. Reports and reviews themselves are such transparent proof of our customer experience with our product."

Ema FReputation Manager

Content you can count on, hot off the press.

Want to capture buyer attention? Convert leads effectively? Better have fresh content. G2 Reports are updated every quarter—something traditional analyst firms just can’t do. Use timely G2 Content and social assets to drive demand.

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Fill your content calendar.

Content you can count on, delivered regularly and kept up-to-date. Downloadable reports, branded social assets, infographics. Check. Check. Check. Exactly the collateral you need to increase awareness, lead generation, and customer retention.

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Save time with social assets.

Each report release includes a selection of custom social assets personalized to your brand, freeing up your team’s time and helping you scale the promotion of your G2 Reports. Choose from social post graphics, infographics, or even animated GIFs, all crafted just for you.


Yellowfin Sees a 20% Conversion Rate From Leads to Opportunities with G2 Compare Report


At Highspot, 85% of Closed Won Opportunities Are Influenced by G2

Prove your value. Win more.

Grab a variety of review-backed reports and showcase what makes you the best. 53% of buyers indicate they conduct research and consider new alternatives when a product is up for renewal.1

Get ahead of competitive conversations.

Choose the right G2 Grid, Index, or Compare Reports to promote your product or service. Shape a story buyers can believe in. When the competition is fierce, there’s nothing more important than trustworthy content from real user reviews.

Keep customers coming back, year after year.

Competition doesn’t end at close. Come renewal time, savvy customers always think twice. G2 Content creates customer confidence. Pair it with G2 Buyer Intent data to alert you when research begins, and you’ve got a powerful churn prevention plan.

1 Source: G2 Buyer Behavior Report 2022

Ready to amplify the voice of your customers?

Boost brand awareness, power pipeline, create trust, and speed up sales velocity.