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G2 Review Collection

Automate your
review collection

Get users to share authentic, marketable feedback about your products and services.

All it takes is a 15-minute chat. We’ll build you a Review Collection engine that runs on autopilot, leveraging automated tools in emails, on your site, or in the customer support systems you already use.

Collect reviews




G2 Reviews to Build Credibility & Differentiation

Create credibility, wherever your customers go

Differentiate yourself with the voice of your customers. Gain credibility using influential quotes, video testimonials, reference pages, and social assets.

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G2 Reviews to Grow Buyer Traffic

Customer-led growth

Turn reviews into web and G2 profile traffic. As review counts climb, leverage Buyer Intent data to identify and connect with prospective, in-market buyers.

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"G2 plays an essential role in creating stellar looking and sounding reviews for our testimonial marketing efforts, which has become the most effective part of our marketing strategy over the last year."

G2 Reviews to Engage & Delight

Integrate with your
favorite software

Create automated, targeted, and personalized review collection campaigns by integrating G2 Buyer Intent data with the tools you already love.


G2 Reviews to Gain Insights

Improve marketing & product strategies

Gain insights into your product, category, and competitors. Hone in on ideal customers, improve positioning, and more. And with Custom Questions, add two unique questions to your G2 Review Form, delivering even more learnings.

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G2 Reviews to Maintain Recency

Keep reviews fresh & impactful

Prospects don't read old reviews. Simple as that. In fact, only 86% of users look at reviews from the last three months. Trust, timeliness, and automated customer outreach, powered by your G2 Review Collection Engine.

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G2 Reviews to Conferences

Collect reviews at conferences

Get user reviews at conferences. We'll set up and manage a booth to engage with customers and gather insights on-site.

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G2 Reviews to Donate

Change lives with G2 Gives

Make your reviews even more meaningful. Leave one and trigger a donation to a charitable organization.

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Kick off your review campaign.

Schedule a 15-minute consultation. Discuss your needs with a G2 expert. Then, we'll launch a campaign built around trust and credibility.