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ZoomInfo Sees 17% Higher Conversion Rate and 27% Lower CPL With G2

May 31, 2023

ZoomInfo uses G2 Buyer Intent to increase conversion rate

Top SaaS marketers know that in order to produce leads that convert to closed-won deals, it’s critical to connect with buyers at the right time.

Only 5% of buyers are in-market at any given time – so how do you uncover those leads, target them, and craft relevant campaigns just for them? 

If you’re like ZoomInfo, you’ll pair G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo data to focus on the highest propensity in-market buyers.

ZoomInfo, the go-to-market platform to find, acquire, and grow customers for more than 30,000 companies worldwide, already had significant access to high-quality buyer intent data. However, they wanted another intent data source that could act as an effective and efficient addendum to their own expansive data set. 

“We looked at G2 intent data because we needed more diversity of campaigns and targeting,” says Colin Chang, Manager of Marketing Programs at ZoomInfo.

G2 Buyer Intent works

ZoomInfo had tried intent data sources from other review sites in the past, but were left unimpressed. When they launched with G2 two years ago, Chang says he was surprised by “just how well G2 Buyer Intent works and how effective” it is. 


  • Improve the quality of ZoomInfo leads
  • Increase the ROI on ZoomInfo’s campaign channels
  • Push conversion rates even higher 

Chang’s team runs “every digital channel you can imagine” for ZoomInfo, including Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit, and YouTube. He says ZoomInfo found that layering G2 Buyer Intent data over their own significantly “expanded their tool kit” and made their lead generation more efficient.

“We tried other review sites, and G2's data and reach is by far the most effective, and much higher quality.”

Colin Chang
Manager of Marketing Programs at ZoomInfo

G2 Buyer Intent is also perfectly suited for account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns because it reveals which companies are researching you, your competitors, or your category. “I found the G2 Comparison data to be particularly helpful,” Chang says. 

Not only is G2 Buyer Intent helping ZoomInfo fine-tune its lead generation, but the G2 team is also a valued partner supporting ZoomInfo to make the best use of the solutions available. 

“We are lucky to have a great partnership with G2 that includes monthly meetings, helpful advice, and the provision of assets like custom gifs and images we can use on our channels. Out of all of our vendors, I think G2 has been the most helpful,” Chang says.

G2’s integration with ZoomInfo leads to better outcomes

In September 2022, G2 announced an integration with ZoomInfo that enables mutual intent data customers to target, engage, and convert in-market software buyers more effectively. The integration helps sales and marketing teams align their activities against a targeted set of in-market decision-makers. 

“The launch of the new integration was exciting for me because I was able to now funnel G2 intent data directly into our Facebook and LinkedIn for demand generation, which is fantastic,” Chang says.

By integrating with the wealth of intelligence in ZoomInfo's SalesOS solution, G2 customers can access more than 300 attributes to build their ideal customer profile (ICP) and overlay actionable insights – such as planned technology investments, personnel moves, and website visitor behavior – to identify companies that are in-market now.

Sales representatives can then use ZoomInfo's category-leading contact information to prospect lists of decision-makers at high-intent accounts before beginning outreach. 

G2’s integration with ZoomInfo’s MarketingOS allows users to dynamically populate audience segments with G2 Buyer Intent data and trigger targeted display and social ads.

Layering G2 Buyer Intent data allows ZoomInfo to secure higher quality, but less expensive, leads 

By layering G2 Buyer Intent data over their own, ZoomInfo has been able to secure higher quality leads, with a 17% higher conversion rate and a 27% lower cost per lead (CPL). 

“We have enjoyed a 4x ROI spend on campaign channels,” Chang says. 


higher conversion rate on leads sourced with G2 intent data


lower CPL for leads coming through G2


ROI in digital campaign spend on G2 Intent accounts, realized in closed-won revenue

ZoomInfo has also increased the number of leads that have moved through the funnel from awareness to the interest stage. In fact, ZoomInfo added 400 more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) as a result of G2 Buyer Intent data.

“My advice to anyone considering G2 Buyer Intent is: if you're a demand gen marketer, you have to get it,” Chang says. “I couldn’t ask for more.”

Ready to see buyers researching your business on G2 right now? Talk to an expert about G2 Buyer Intent today

G2 Buyer Intent data Your best customers are waiting.

Reveal which buyers are out in the wild looking for solutions like yours with G2 Buyer Intent.

G2 Buyer Intent data Your best customers are waiting.

Reveal which buyers are out in the wild looking for solutions like yours with G2 Buyer Intent.

ZoomInfo Sees 17% Higher Conversion Rate and 27% Lower CPL With G2 It's critical to connect with buyers at exactly the right time. Learn how ZoomInfo used G2 Buyer Intent to secure higher quality, but less expensive, leads. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_CS004_ZoomInfo_Case_Study_Blog_Image_V2.png
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