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G2 for Sales

Your next “yes” has never been closer.

Budgets are down. Quotas are up. You can’t afford to spray and pray, dial blind, or waste time. So what if you didn't have to? What if you had a list of your warmest, lowest-funnel buyers highly likely to sign the dotted line? With G2, get ready to:

  • Uncover and act on warm, high-converting leads.
  • Kick sales efficiency into high gear and hit your numbers.
  • Identify and squash churn before the competition enters the race.

Beat the competition to every sales cycle.

It’s one thing to strike while the iron’s hot. It’s another to strike right when you see the iron warming up. In real-time, see all the ready-to-buy, bottom-funnel prospects showing strong intent to purchase on G2. And, in a few clicks, get that data directly into your existing workflows. 

It's not magic. It's G2 Buyer Intent. And nobody has intent data quite like it.

Uncover the moment your ICP engages with your product, category, or competitors on G2.

Receive real-time notifications so you can act fast and leave competition in the dust.

Build hyper-targeted, efficient sales workflows to target prospects based on their needs.  

Increase deal sizes and win faster. Hit the gong, cue the adrenaline.

There’s probably not a single sales conversation that doesn’t have G2 as a 
part of it. Whether in presale, renewal, or expansion, G2 has been tremendous.

Jarod Greene

Vice President of
 Product Marketing

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Your hottest accounts are here.

Find them.

And build a pipeline of low-hanging fruit.