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G2 Buyer Intent

Your best customers are waiting.

Every month, millions of people visit G2 to research software. With G2 Buyer Intent, marketing, sales, and customer success teams get crucial intel needed to reach the right audience at the right time, every time.

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"The buyer intent signals allow us to share timely buyer insights with our sales teams that are helping to drive valuable conversations and revenue pipelines."

Administrator in Information Technology and Services

Drive a pipeline of warm accounts.

Only 5% of buyers are in-market at any given time. That’s a tough target to hit. Reveal which buyers are out in the wild looking for solutions like yours. Know them, target them, and craft relevant campaigns just for them. Improve conversion rates and decrease acquisition costs. Bullseye.

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Make your ad spend go further.

Ideal customer profile (ICP) filters bring your best accounts to the front of the line. Create targeted segments based on activity level and buying stage across G2. Reach accounts ready to buy right now and eliminate wasted spend.

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Layer on the intel, level up precision.

Integrate intent with your CRM, marketing automation, ad management, or ABM tools and get massive value. We’re talking automated workflows, lead scoring, and enriched data. Marry accounts in the decision stage with key account lists for precise targeting and efficient spend.

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These buyers mean business.

Millions of software buyers visit G2.com to solve a software problem. And you’re their solution. G2 first-party intent data M+ annual users strong generates indicators from in-market buyers only we can provide.

Metadata Activates G2 Buyer Intent and Lowers CPL by 42%

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Improve conversion rates.

With G2’s buyer intent data, sales teams have a pipeline of piping hot accounts. Focus on leads most likely to convert and prioritize outreach based on intent, not just content downloads. Connect with popular CRM and sales tools and have more calls that lead to conversions.

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Increase win rates.

The struggle is real, but with a list of accounts actually in-the-know about your product, you can win much more often. Optimize outreach and have more meaningful conversations with profile, category, competitor, and technographic data points.

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Outreach that resonates.

Meet soon-to-be customers at the peak of their interest with relevant information. Get notifications in real-time via email or Slack to reach buyers before your competitors do. See the complete buyer journey and all touchpoints across G2 with timeline view.

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Reveal prospect tech stack data. Target with hyper-relevance.

G2 Stack is your ultimate prospecting cheat code. Add the enhancement to G2 Buyer Intent for an inside look at the tech buyers on G2 are using. Put real-time activity data to work alongside tech stack data for can’t miss targeting.


Kibo Sees Nearly 3x the Conversions With G2 Buyer Intent Data

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"The ability to connect the platform with our tech stack like HubSpot, DemandBase, SFDC, Slack, Bombora, etc. is a real lifesaver. "

Ema F.Reputation Manager

Integrate with popular CRM, Marketing Automation, Ad and ABM platforms.

Land, expand, retain.

With competitor and alternative signals, play offense and defense at the same time. Know when a current customer might be looking for alternatives or exploring products to expand their business with you.

Curb churn.

Get notifications when customers start sneaking out the door and engage before it’s too late. Monitor G2 research activity and use intent signals to improve customer health scores and retention.

Upselling made easy.

Know exactly when your current customers are exploring additional products your business offers, and contact them with tailored messaging when they’re the most likely to buy.

Buyer Behavior Report

60% of buyers, from SMB to enterprise, always conduct research and consider alternatives when a product is up for renewal.

G2 Buyer Behavior Report 2022

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60% of buyers, from SMB to enterprise, always conduct research and consider alternatives when a product is up for renewal.

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