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G2 Buyer Intent

Drive revenue with intention

Over 6M in-market buyers come to G2 every month to research their next software purchase.

Learn who's looking at your product, your category, and your competitors with the market’s most actionable intent data.

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Buyer Intent for Marketing

Power a marketing-sourced pipeline

End wasted spend. Access real-time intent data about the category and competitor research your audience conducts so you can segment campaigns and focus on prospects most likely to convert.

*Integrates with ABM, Marketing Automation, and Ad Targeting tools!

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Buyer Intent for Sales

Book more meetings and close deals faster

Armed with data about what means the most to your prospects, your sales teams can book more meetings and win more deals. And with Salesforce, Salesloft, and Groove integrations, you can engage prospects as they’re showing interest.

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Buyer Intent for Customer Success

Stop churn in its tracks

Keep a pulse on your customers and get immediate insight into potential churn risks with G2 Buyer Intent.

If customers look at alternatives or compare you to a competitor on G2, notify your account managers so they can take action before it’s too late.

Let’s talk Buyer Intent

Integrate G2 Buyer Intent
into your top tools


Fill up your funnel and level up your ABM strategy with G2 Buyer Intent + 6sense.


Power your ABM programs with intent and see your marketing ROI and pipeline rise.


Power ultra-targeted emails and ABM campaigns when you sync HubSpot with G2 Buyer Intent.


Retarget the warm buyers identified through G2 Buyer Intent on LinkedIn with compelling and relevant ads.


Set up real-time alerts and build holistic programs to drive pipeline and help your sales team engage at the right time.


Get real-time intent data directly in front of your sales and customer success teams. 

Companies are researching you on G2.

Learn who they are with G2 Buyer Intent data. The most powerful intent data available for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams.