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Sell more, more often, with the most powerful intent data on the market.

Learn the companies researching your product, category, and competitors on G2, then find the right person at those companies to contact.

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Buyer Intent for Sales

Reach out, as they research.

Because you’ll close bigger, better deals if you contact your prospects after they’ve done their research.

Buyer Intent data will tell you the companies currently viewing and comparing your G2 profile, so you can nail your outreach timing.

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Buyer Intent for Marketers

Personalize your message.

Because the most compelling and persuasive marketing is targeted and personalized.

G2 Buyer Intent will tell you which companies are researching your product, so you can create ABM campaigns that speak to their unique needs.

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Buyer Intent for Customer Success

Keep your customers.

Because you usually don’t know a customer is churning until it’s too late.

G2 Buyer Intent will tell you when your current users are actively researching competing solutions, so you have a chance to make it right.

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Streamline sales ops, finally.

Vastly improve account matching accuracy when you sync LeanData with G2.


Miss fewer opportunities.

Power ultra-targeted emails and ABM campaigns when you sync your HubSpot and G2 accounts.


Win more deals.

Set up real-time alerts that help your Sales and Marketing teams engage prospects at the ideal time.


Sell smarter, close faster.

Get “Recommended Leads” that help your Sales team pinpoint the right contacts at target companies.


Accelerate ABM campaigns.

Build target segments instantly by removing the need to export and import data between G2 and Terminus. 

Companies are researching you on G2.

Learn who they are with G2 Buyer Intent data. The most powerful intent data available for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams.

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