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Reputation Sees 174% Increase in ARR With G2 In-App Reviews

June 30, 2023

G2 + Reputation case study increase ARR 174%

Demonstrating excellence is the most challenging part of leading by example.

You believe in being the change you want to see. So you move fast and tackle challenges to prove it’s possible to hit a home run. But inspiring others to do the same is an uphill battle, especially in reputation management, where your reputation is constantly under scrutiny.

If you’re anything like Reputation, you can be the change and inspire others. This online reputation experience management platform helps businesses monitor and analyze feedback from across the web for actionable insights.

Reputation was already in a leading position in the online reputation management category on G2. But they knew they had to improve their ratings to be the best choice for companies shopping for customer review management tools.

This is the story of how Reputation upped their review game on G2 and crushed it.

Improving brand awareness and streamlining buyer's journey

With the internet at their fingertips, modern buyers have more information available. While that’s useful for comparing products during the pre-purchase stage, it can also cause information overload. As a result, buyers often need to figure out which sources to trust.

Reputation figured the best move was to boost brand awareness and earn trust. That’s when they decided to ramp up their review collection on G2, the largest and most trusted marketplace for B2B software. Their goal was to collect in-depth and authentic user reviews that show Reputation’s value to potential buyers and lead them to purchase.


  • Establish brand awareness to help buyers during their journey to purchase.
  • Boost category ratings with consistent review generation.

They believed that generating consistent reviews with in-app prompts placements could help them build trust with potential buyers and attract target accounts. They also aimed to boost ratings across several other target software categories on G2. That's when the Reputation team switched up their review generation strategy.

Enhancing review generation strategy with in-platform notifications

Reputation was using review generation campaigns to collect customer reviews manually. The process included emailing engaged customers on G2 every month and asking them to leave reviews. The team knew this manual approach had to change to appeal to in-market buyers.


  • Use in-app review prompts to request reviews from target users when they are most active.
  • Leverage review campaigns to inspire trust among potential buyers.

From June 2022, the team started using review prompts in their product experience to collect reviews from active users. Once they saw these prompts' effectiveness, they sent bi-monthly pop-up notifications to get more reviews.

Every cadence lasted two days, providing users ample time to review Reputation. The result was a sharp rise in review acquisition rates.

Supercharging pipeline and ARR with reviews on G2

Reputation anticipated improving their star ratings, review volume, and category rankings when they set out to collect more reviews on G2. Little did they know, these reviews would have an impact on referral traffic, annual recurring revenue (ARR), and opportunity pipeline.

Within less than a year of executing the review generation strategy, Reputation has seen a 200% increase in new accounts requesting information about the platform, a 178% increase in new opportunities, a 22.5% increase in referral traffic, and a 174% increase in ARR resulting from these opportunities. The reputation management platform also improved their average rating on G2.


increase in new accounts.


increase in new opportunities.


increase in referral traffic.


increase in annual recurring revenue.

But the story doesn’t end here.

Partnering with G2 also helped Reputation climb to top spots for online reputation management and experience management software categories in G2 Grid Reports for Summer 2023.

These reports utilize a proprietary algorithm analyzing factors such as aggregated user review scores and feedback to help companies make informed software purchase decisions. Reputation's dedication to collecting reviews and user feedback also helped them become the leader in G2 Reports for multi-location marketing software.

Want to be like Reputation and lead by example? Get your product in front of 80 million software buyers with G2 Marketing Solutions.

Actioning reviews to lead by example Make more possible

Reach more buyers, close more deals, and influence ARR with G2 Marketing Solutions.

Actioning reviews to lead by example Make more possible

Reach more buyers, close more deals, and influence ARR with G2 Marketing Solutions.

Reputation Sees 174% Increase in ARR With G2 In-App Reviews Learn how Reputation, a reputation management platform, used G2 Review Generation to boost ARR, new accounts, and opportunities in less than a year. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_CS005_Reputation_Case-Study_Blog_Image_V1.png
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