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Zuddl Generates $880K+ in Pipeline With G2 Marketing Solutions

June 28, 2023

Zuddle generates pipeline with G2

If paid ads are your only play for capturing in-market accounts, it might look something like this. 

Maybe you’re getting a few quality leads from ads. Marketing compiles these leads and hands them off to sales. The sales team filters the list based on the ideal customer profile (ICP) and revenue potential. And, by the time sales scrubbed the list and followed up, these leads have likely moved on or lost interest. You’re back to square one. 

That’s where Zuddl was before they flipped the script on lead generation.

Zuddl provides a unified platform for running virtual, hybrid, and in-person events and webinars. Event marketers use this platform to build custom landing pages, produce stunning video content, and have controls to optimize the attendee experience. 

Despite offering a comprehensive event lifecycle platform, Zuddl was struggling to capture high-quality B2B leads from their target markets. The number of leads from paid ads was barely a drop in the bucket, and many of these leads didn’t match their ICP.

Zuddl knew they needed leads with high purchase intent and turned to G2 for just that.

Lack of ICP-fit leads and a pipeline that isn’t likely to close

The team at Zuddl was confident in how their product helps B2B marketers manage events from start to finish on a single platform. They showcased their product at events like SaaStr, and started running targeted paid ad campaigns. They started getting leads, but not many qualified ones.

“The challenge was getting high-quality leads that matched our ICP. LinkedIn didn’t work, and Google doesn’t give predictable leads. Our primary reason for choosing G2 was to land high-intent leads that fit our ICP.”

Rushabh Shah
Lead, Marketing Operations at Zuddl

The team realized they needed to land more qualified leads that align more closely with their ICP and are in-market for their product.


  • Acquire more high-intent leads that match their ICP.
  • Reduce cost per opportunity for inbound and outbound leads. 

Supercharging the sales pipeline with high-intent leads

Some of the marketing leaders at Zuddl had used G2 Marketing Solutions in their previous roles, and they were familiar with the value of G2 Buyer Intent data. Zuddl started using G2 to target in-market buyers and boost their pipeline. 

The team at Zuddl leverages the G2 Salesloft and Slack integrations to ensure that their high-intent, best-fit leads get filtered through to the sales team as quickly as possible. 

Shah explains, “We’re getting leads through G2 every day. These leads get sent directly to Salesloft for our  lead development representatives (LDRs) to work.”

The LDRs then look at buyers’ buying stages and activity levels to prospect smarter. They use intent notifications to further enrich this data before handing it to the sales team in Salesforce. The sales team can then engage with ICP-fit leads ready to purchase.

Seeing notifications in Slack, also allows the LDRs to prioritize top leads right away. Shah continues, “If they see that one of their accounts is visiting us on G2 or doing any activity, then that's their top most priority."


  • Identify in-market accounts with G2 Buyer Intent data.
  • Target  ICP-fit leads with up-to-date G2 profile and product content.
  • Show the product value with authentic G2 reviews.
  • Fuel sales and marketing ops with G2 Partner Hub integrations.
  • Build brand awareness and influence prospects with targeted content.

Beyond fueling their sales teams, Zuddl also revs up their marketing campaigns with competitive comparison signals. They track prospects and capture demand with G2’s category and profile page visitor data. They also leverage review generation and profile content to draw in customers that fit their ICP. The result is efficient account prospecting and deal scoring.

Celebrating $450k+ in the pipeline with inbound leads on G2

Besides intent data, the team started using profile content to build brand awareness. A personalized profile helped them stand out to millions of decision-makers who visit G2 every month to find software for their business. Zuddl also built credibility and persuaded in-market leads with impactful reviews from marketing campaigns.

Looking at Zuddl’s G2 profile today, you’ll see how they use content to drive product tour registrations, stand out to prospects with validated reviews, and showcase the product as a category leader with badges. 

The result? Increased traffic to their G2 profile, and thousands of dollars in the pipeline from inbound leads and outbound opportunities with G2 Buyer Intent.

Zuddl generated over $480K in pipeline from inbound leads and sourced nearly $400k in outbound opportunities, including their biggest account so far.

On top of that, the United Nations became a customer after exploring Zuddl’s G2 profile. 


in pipeline from inbound leads originating from G2


in outbound opportunities sourced through G2

With support from their team at G2, Zuddl is confident that they’ll be able to scale the volume of leads further.

“We saw tremendous success with G2 last year. That’s why we’ve opted for three additional buyer intent categories this year,” says Shah. “We’re also exploring content licenses and intent for other remaining categories.”

Want to pursue accounts that don’t slam the door in your face? Inspire buyer confidence and capture demand better with G2 Marketing Solutions.

G2 Marketing Solutions
Find the best-fit prospects

Target ready-to-buy prospects and close deals faster with G2 Marketing Solutions.

G2 Marketing Solutions
Find the best-fit prospects

Target ready-to-buy prospects and close deals faster with G2 Marketing Solutions.

Zuddl Generates $880K+ in Pipeline With G2 Marketing Solutions Traditional lead generation efforts are often exhausting, frustrating, and not always effective. Learn how Zuddl generated $450k+ in pipeline with G2. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_CS006_ZuddI_Case_Study_Blog_Image_V1a.png
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