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Chargebee Generates 280+ Leads in One Year With G2 Buyer Intent Data

January 21, 2021


A success story about how one of our customers, Chargebee, generated 280+ top of funnel leads, and increased their leads from competitor campaigns by 4x in just one year, by leveraging G2 Marketing Solutions.

Customer profile:


Chargebee is a subscription management platform that helps businesses retain and maximize revenue opportunities through automation. With a variety of tools that seamlessly optimize subscription revenue, Chargebee helps teams automate all of their subscription management and revenue analytics in a single platform.

Business need:

Capture missed opportunities from inbound searches against competitors

While Chargebee was a well-loved solution for existing customers, the team noticed they were struggling to capture the attention of potential buyers against larger competitors. The team at Chargebee knew they needed more social proof and competitor comparisons to improve their conversion rates with high-intent visitors.


Make the right information available to high-intent leads with G2 Content

The Chargebee team knew that the best way to win new customers was to position their product as the obvious solution. They decided to revitalize their G2 Profile and company website using G2’s Content Subscription to showcase reports, badges, and comparison collateral against their competitors.

By utilizing unbiased, third-party data and reviews, Chargebee was able to turn their website into a destination for trusted info for buyers exploring their categories, positioning themselves as a trusted thought leader. This allowed high-value leads to conduct all of their research directly on the Chargebee website.

It also helped the Chargebee team showcase all of the reasons their product and customer service experience outpaced their competitors. Highlighting things like their excellent customer service, quicktime to set up, and unique offerings helped prospective customers see why Chargebee was the right solution for their needs.

Make Buyer Intent the core of customer outreach

First, the Chargebee team started by revamping all of their core competitor pages with G2 data.

They went beyond the typical “battle of the product features” approach most companies use and instead, highlighted their G2 scores against the core players in the market.

By using key metrics based on customer sentiment, like average time to go live (in months), product usability index, and the customer relationship index, Chargebee was able to resonate with the problems of their ideal customers on their website.

Next, the Chargebee team created a piece of sales enablement collateral using G2 data to stand out against the competition. This branded asset leveraging G2 data points and badges was designed to help sales reps on the Chargebee team show prospective customers how their product stacked up against the competition. This not only equipped their sales team with talking points to help accelerate deals, it helped create a unified customer experience across the buyers lifecycle.

After that, Chargebee integrated their G2 Buyer Intent Data with Hubspot. This allowed them to send real-time signals to sales to capitalize on intent immediately. This strategy helped the Chargebee sales team better score their leads and discover which buyers were viewing their profile or category on G2 immediately.

Chargebee also used G2 Buyer Intent Data in their ad retargeting strategy. They retargeted accounts that appeared through G2 Buyer Intent Data in real time across channels like Facebook and Google to stay top of mind with prospects who were showing high levels of interest. The Chargebee team also used G2 intent data to identify key accounts and proactively add them to their prospecting efforts to help generate new leads and pipeline.

All of these combined strategies ensured that no matter where in the buyer's journey a customer might be, Chargebee had a coherent selling experience.



new top of funnel leads generated in one year.

3x YoY growth

in ICP deals from competitor campaigns.

4x YoY growth

in leads for Europe-based competitor campaigns.


of inbound deals every month captured using G2 Buyer Intent Data.

The biggest pain point for scaling companies is the quick adaptability with a new platform, and not losing connections with existing systems. Chargebee used G2 Buyer Intent data to prove the speed at which companies would be up and running with their product. This led to a 3X YoY growth in ICP deals from their competitor campaigns.

Another challenge Chargebee faced was region-based personalization. A specific part of their industry is focused in EMEA, which brings new tax and compliance complexities to the table. Usage of the "European Leader" badge from G2 proved vital in increasing their leads from Europe-based competitor campaigns by 4x YoY.

Chargebee also used G2 Content as an assurance factor for potential customers. The percent of returning traffic to demo forms was a strong indication of lead quality, but the low-conversion rates on the form also showed hesitation from leads. G2 Content provided Chargebee with social proof that users loved their product. By using the "Best Results badge" and "Estimated Payback (in months)" for this high-intent along with the form, the Chargebee team was able to ease wary prospects and increase form submissions by 37%.

Using G2 Reports for demand generation helped the Chargebee team tremendously. The Chargebee team used their G2 customer satisfaction data points as an offer for potential customers on their website. This strategy alone helped generate 280+ top-funnel leads over the last year.

Want to see for yourself?

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You can do it too

Learn how G2 Buyer Intent Data can help your business reach more customers at the right time.

You can do it too

Learn how G2 Buyer Intent Data can help your business reach more customers at the right time.