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How Quixy Leverages G2 to Win More Deals as a Market Newcomer

August 23, 2023

Quixy + G2 case study

Even the most thorough, meticulously coordinated go-to-market (GTM) strategies are subject to the concrete truth that life is full of curveballs.

The biggest obstacle facing GTM teams is the unexpected.

Quixy is a no-code, low-code platform empowering organizations to build and deploy custom applications without coding. They enable their customers to succeed by offering an intuitive platform that streamlines processes, automates workflows, and enhances collaboration, increasing efficiency and productivity.

With the team preparing to launch their strategy just days prior, the reality of COVID lockdowns hit hard. The demand for workflow automation surged, and the team at Quixy knew it was their time to shine. With so many companies forced to explore new solutions due to a dispersed workforce, Quixy’s GTM strategy had no time to waste.

Quixy was a relative newcomer to a market full of big names. The team knew their platform had exceptional capabilities and upside for numerous buyers, but engaging the right ones was critical to succeed.

That’s when Quixy realized that they’d have to empower their satisfied customers to become their biggest advocates by leveraging G2.

Using the voice of the customer to make a splash in a crowded market

The team at Quixy was confident in what their platform could do for customers across countless industries. But they knew attracting their ideal buyer would be an uphill battle because the company was fresh on the scene.

“We were very new,” says Vivek Goel, VP of Marketing and Evangelism at Quixy. “It’s hard to rank when you’re so new.” Inbound marketing made sense for their goals, but outside of their content creation efforts, the team decided organic search was more of a long-term play. They needed something more to stand out as a high-growth business against such fierce competition.

There was also the need to understand their buyers to prioritize what types of opportunities to pursue. Generating leads and building pipeline was top-of-mind for leadership, so targeting buyers with great accuracy was crucial.


To reach their goals, the team at Quixy wanted to:

  • Establish greater brand awareness among buyers in diverse industries
  • Strengthen and optimize messaging to have a more significant impact
  • Build reliable pipeline by targeting the right buyers at the right time

Back when the company was still in product development, Vivek attended several SaaS-focused events. He couldn’t help but notice a trend – G2 had a presence everywhere. This was his first significant exposure to G2, and he shared this finding with his team.

“A lot of people ask us, ‘How are you better or different from other vendors?’ We rely on third-party data and reviews to differentiate versus competitors.”

Vivek Goel
VP Marketing and Evangelism, Quixy

Quxiy began researching the potential value of leveraging software review sites. Starting with a G2 profile, the team was soon up and running with their review collection.

Leveraging strong Grid Report performance to differentiate against more established brands

Reviews began to trickle in, and Quixy saw progress on G2 Grid Reports for their target software categories as well as Momentum Reports to signify rapid performance gains. Quixy put their trust in happy customers to become their most compelling stories for new buyers.

The team at Quixy saw the benefit of leveraging the voice of the customer. Customer retention was another area of high importance for sustainable growth, and they needed to figure out how to identify potential churn. From there, it became a matter of exploring other ways G2 could help them reach pipeline and revenue goals.


The folks at Quixy partner with G2 to extract more value from the world’s largest marketplace for B2B software in the following ways:

  • Craft influential content and messaging by leveraging the G2 Content Subscription.
  • Effectively engage in-market buyers and prevent churn with G2 Buyer Intent.

“Intent data was really useful for us in terms of knowing what kinds of businesses were looking for a company like us.”

Vivek Goel
VP Marketing and Evangelism, Quixy

Successfully utilizing G2 to build pipeline and win more deals

With a plan of action in place, the team went to work. Quixy utilized G2 Badges across their website and email signatures, created unique competitor comparison landing pages, and published engaging content highlighting their performance on social channels.

And with G2 Buyer Intent data, sales better understood which opportunities were more likely to close.

Despite being a newcomer, Quixy was quickly turning heads by scoring more deals with G2. Between sourcing in-market buyers and producing great content, the increase in leads and conversions was a positive validation of their efforts.

Rather than engage in feature differentiation like other competitors in the space, Quixy relied on their customers to do the talking for them. As a result, Quixy experienced a 4%-5% average conversion rate on landing pages utilizing G2 content.

Not to mention that the team reported that competitor comparison pages were instrumental and influenced 7% of deals won.


average conversion rate on landing pages using G2 content


of deals won influenced by G2 content, such as competitor comparison pages

The team at Quixy isn’t done yet, as they continue to actively collect reviews to make further improvements to increase overall awareness and market presence.

“Compared to other review sites, G2 was the one that helped us the most in sourcing reviews and gaining visibility.”

Vivek Goel
VP Marketing and Evangelism 

Emerge victorious in a crowded market. Explore how G2 Marketing Solutions can propel your business to the next level.

Enter new markets with confidence.

Explore how G2 Marketing Solutions connects you with in-market buyers to topple the competition.

Enter new markets with confidence.

Explore how G2 Marketing Solutions connects you with in-market buyers to topple the competition.

How Quixy Leverages G2 to Win More Deals as a Market Newcomer When you're new on the scene, the voice of the customer provides validation with new buyers. See how Quixy used G2 to win more deals in this case study. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Quixy_CaseStudy_blogimage.png
Stephen Hoops Stephen Hoops is a former Sr. Content Marketing Specialist at G2. He focused on creating content that helps tech industry sales professionals and B2B SaaS marketers find success with G2 products such as Buyer Intent, Review Generation, and more. After receiving his B.A. in Journalism from West Virginia University in 2013, he has helped countless B2B brands reach new highs through content creation and SEO. When not nerding out about the artistry behind well-written copy, Stephen can be found info-dumping about homemade cocktails, Italian cuisine, and why vinyl is the superior physical medium for music. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/StephenHoopsG2_HS_20220810_2133-Edit.jpg https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenhoops/