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BetterCloud Sees 81% Increase in Deal Size With G2 Buyer Intent + RollWorks

March 23, 2023

bettercloud rollworks g2 buyer intent case study

Many marketers have been here before – you’re generating leads, but they’re not leading to as many closed deals as you would like. 

BetterCloud – a market leader for SaaS Operations that enables IT professionals to transform their employee experience, maximize operational efficiency, and centralize data protection with no-code automation for zero-touch workflows – was struggling with just that. They were generating leads, but their Opportunity-to-Closed Won conversion rates were lower than expected. 

Their demand generation and marketing operations teams knew they needed a way to close that gap and focus on target accounts that were already showing intent to grow those closed won numbers.

Eric Tonk, Senior Director of Demand Generation at BetterCloud, summarizes the challenge, “We needed to figure out how to find the people who were in-market right now, and then, figure out how to amplify our advertising dollars to reach those folks in terms of prioritizing spend”

That’s where G2 and RollWorks came in.

G2 Buyer Intent + RollWorks is a “one-two punch” for BetterCloud

BetterCloud has been working with both G2 and RollWorks for a number of years. 

RollWorks’ data foundation was driving BetterCloud’s ability to identify their ideal customer profile and optimize target account lists. And BetterCloud knew that every month, millions of people visit G2 to research software.

They quickly learned that by leveraging G2 Buyer Intent and RollWorks together, their marketing, sales, and customer success teams could get the crucial intel they needed to reach those high-fit accounts and contacts showing buying signals on G2. All signs pointed to those accounts being ready to close right now, and the integration would help to optimize ‘right time, right channel, right message’ engagement. 

“We layer the G2 Buyer Intent data over our RollWorks account data, and it becomes a one-two punch.”

Eric Tonk
Senior Director of Demand Generation at BetterCloud


BetterCloud wanted to:

  • Build reliable and predictable pipeline  
  • Improve opportunity-to-closed-won rates
  • Create efficiencies to capture demand 

G2 Buyer Intent and RollWorks account data integrate seamlessly to identify and prioritize in-market accounts researching products, categories, and competitors.

BetterCloud adopted G2 Buyer Intent and RollWorks and is now “dynamically pulling target accounts from our database and layering on additional filters to surface those actually showing buying signals,” says Kushal Shah, Manager, Marketing Operations at BetterCloud. “Who has visited our G2 profile? Who has done comparisons on G2 between us and alternatives?” 

Armed with this fine-tuned data, BetterCloud syncs the information back into its own CRM with detailed lead scoring, and builds smarter advertising as a result.

“Essentially, we take all of this valuable data and leverage it to build in-market audience lists that inform our other advertising platforms such as LinkedIn.”

Kushal Shah
Manager, Marketing Operations at BetterCloud

The ability to prioritize target accounts with G2 Buyer Intent + RollWorks leads to speedier, larger, and more closed-won deals

“We originally purchased G2 as more of a customer and product marketing tool and RollWorks as a display/ABM tool. Once we began to expand our demand generation and ads processes, we started to understand the benefits of the G2 and RollWorks integration,” says Tonk. 


  • Identify and target prospect accounts that are already showing signs of being “in-market” with G2 Buyer Intent and RollWorks account intent data
  • Determine which segments of leads are looking for a SaaS Management Platform  (SMP) and target them with tailored messaging and assets
  • Tap into suggested accounts that are showing G2 Buyer Intent signals and are new or discoverable to the organization

“We began adding G2 Buyer Intent to all digital campaigns running through RollWorks, and we’ve been very pleased with the results.”

Patrick Holcomb
Digital Marketing Manager at BetterCloud

As a result of using G2 Buyer Intent and RollWorks, BetterCloud is now able to prioritize target accounts with the right messaging at the right time and use their advertising dollars more wisely. 

The incorporation of G2 into their dynamic audiences has been a critical addition, with 98% of their total target accounts now surfaced via G2 activity! "This is exciting," says Patrick Holcomb, Digital Marketing Manager at BetterCloud, because “accounts demonstrating intent signals are 3.7x more likely to have an opportunity created.”


of total target accounts are surfaced via G2 activity


more likely to have an opportunity created when demonstrating intent signals

What’s more, the G2 and RollWorks integration helped BetterCloud discover that leveraging multi-channel intent-driven signals coupled with targeted ads led to deals that moved from open-to-closed won 36% faster and had a 2.5x higher average deal size.

And, BetterCloud has seen a 3.6% increase in influenced deal win rates and an 81% increase in influenced deal size since incorporating G2 intent signals.


faster open-to-closed won deal cycles with intent influence


higher average deal size with intent-driven ad influence


increase in deal size when incorporating G2 intent signals 

Tonks notes, “Getting in front of the right accounts and being able to deliver relevant content has been crucial to these successes.”

Connect with buyers, accelerate deals. Learn how G2 Buyer Intent and the RollWorks integration can help you win more opportunities.

G2 Marketing Solutions Sell more, grow more.

Sell more software. Drive revenue with G2 marketing and selling solutions.

G2 Marketing Solutions Sell more, grow more.

Sell more software. Drive revenue with G2 marketing and selling solutions.

BetterCloud Sees 81% Increase in Deal Size With G2 Buyer Intent + RollWorks Learn how BetterCloud partnered with G2 and RollWorks to increase the number of target accounts, closed-won opportunities, and the size of closed-won deals. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/CaseStudy-Bettercloud-FeaturedImage-DA-V01@2x.png
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