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G2 Market Intelligence

Find your aha moment.

Big ideas begin when you use voice-of-the-customer data only G2 can deliver. G2 Market Intelligence translates millions of data points collected on G2 into actionable insights about your product, competitors, and customer preferences to help you make smarter go-to-market decisions.

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"This is already a part of my daily life. We’re delighted that we can find this kind of information on a competitor, and what we can provide to our leadership team is awesome. It’s dependable, repeatable, defensible data."

James RaffieldDirector of Competitive Intelligence, Druva

Get a leg up on the competition.

With so many competitors flooding the software market, and new players emerging day and night, keeping up is hard. Gain meaningful insights and answer tough questions about your competitive space, succinctly and at scale. And if your rivals have this data, you’re going to want it too.

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Spot pricing secrets.

Average discount given? Contract length? Even with the shift toward transparent pricing, your competitors keep data tucked away tight. On G2, buyers tell all. See who’s wheeling and dealing in your space and how people feel about them.

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Decode win/loss shifts.

Don’t leave market share questions unanswered. Identify who’s gaining on you and who’s got you beat. View trends by competitor, industry, and segment. Pull away from competitors picking up steam and discover newcomers trying to shake things up.


of marketers say their market is becoming more competitive.1

1Source: Product Marketing Alliance

Understand why they buy (or don’t).

Market information and insights can come from here or there and everywhere. You’re forced to wade through surveys, dense interviews, and expensive research. With G2 Market Intelligence, make first-hand buyer insights clearer. Discover true product and market trends built on actual customer review data only G2 can provide.

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Adjust your messaging based on data. 

Each G2 Market Intelligence data set can inspire a cycle of discovery, strategy, and action. Take the temperature of your user base at a glance. And then pull the thread to explore the actual reviews driving trends. Understand how you stack up across key customer satisfaction metrics and craft a new go-to-market motion.

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Get insights on demand.

24/7, 365 days a year, G2 Market Intelligence is your voice-of-the-customer source. Blink and you just might miss an update. Shed light on how your new release impacted ease-of-use or how a competitor’s acquisition tanked their NPS. Month after month, quarter after quarter, sentiment shifts. High-time you see it and action on it.

Use customers as your compass.

Always look ahead, and do it with customer voice as your guide. Take a customer-led approach to growth based on authentic market feedback. Spot your unique differentiators—and identify gaps—so your roadmap is rock solid.

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Hear straight from the source.

With product perception data at your fingertips, explore how you stack up in areas like NPS, ease of admin, and whether or not you’re making the right moves based on your customers. Gain clear customer insights based on real reviews—know what people love and what leaves them wanting more.

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Learn from the past, plan for the future.

All the reasons, right in front of you. Analyze your market performance with clear, time-mapped visualizations. Hear what customers are saying and open the door to refined messaging, positioning, and strategies.

Ready to find your aha moment?

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