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Enablix Uses G2 Profile to Reach New Customers and Boost Brand Awareness

April 13, 2021


A success story about how one of G2’s customers, Enablix, made the most of their G2 profile to boost reviews, gain brand awareness, and increase leads for their sales enablement software.

More on the story below:

Customer profile:


Enablix is a B2B sales enablement software solution created for marketers and customer-facing sales teams. With a focus on content enablement, Enablix makes it possible for marketing teams to enable sales through relevant content during every stage of the sales process. Enablix gives sales teams access to the right content when they need a boost in productivity and efficiency. 

From building content portals, gaining relevant insights, promoting sales-marketing alignment, and helping teams leverage existing content, Enablix helps sales and marketing teams be on the same page, always.

Business need:

Identify and reach new customers, boost brand awareness, and acquire more leads

As a small company, Enablix was looking to compete at a higher level with established vendors within the enterprise market for sales enablement. With limited budgets and resources, they weren’t looking to spend their budget or resources on paid ads, but they were interested in discovering new ways to get their services and offerings in front of their target audience.


Build a G2 profile to scale reviews

Enablix set out to take advantage of everything G2 has to offer by first creating a G2 Profile. From there, they took it one step further by investing in G2’s Pro Subscription to optimize their profile to make it visible to an even larger audience.

A strategy that started with building their brand and ensuring that customers were aware of their presence quickly turned into utilizing additional opportunities presented by G2. Enablix took advantage of running a review campaign so that their intended buyers could see what current customers have experienced and love about working with their brand. 


After building out their G2 Profile, Enablix shifted their attention to gathering reviews. The Enablix team decided to focus their review gathering solely on G2 to utilize G2’s B2B focus and authority as a user review platform. By doing this, Enablix was able to steadily build a library of reviews for potential customers to find. 

From here, prospects and interested parties started to visit their website once finding them on G2 category pages. This made it possible for Enablix to build not only a library of strong reviews but also interest in their brand and everything that it has to offer.



of 2020 pipeline was generated from G2

1 out of 3

leads acquired have come from G2


the investment was made in the first 6 months of listing their product on G2

1,500+ words

is the longest G2 review Enablix has received so far 

In addition to G2 Reviews, Enablix has utilized G2 Reports, Badges, and the Customer Satisfaction Score to build up their credibility. They’ve also used the library of reviews as a resource for case studies and other material as they build content for prospecting and the sales funnel.

“As a result of our review campaign, our G2 category link is in the first five results on Google. This has boosted our visibility for the sales enablement category.”

Gaurav Harode
Founder of Enablix

See what G2 can do for you

Enablix is a perfect example of the success that companies can see once they take advantage of all that G2 has to offer. When reviews, badges, reports, and customer satisfaction scores are all working together to help companies like Enablix reach new heights, the sky is truly the limit. 

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enablix case study
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Start using G2 today to gather reviews, boost your traffic, and identify buyers — for FREE.

enablix case study
Claim your profile!

Start using G2 today to gather reviews, boost your traffic, and identify buyers — for FREE.

Enablix Uses G2 Profile to Reach New Customers and Boost Brand Awareness Learn more about how Enablix created a G2 profile to help them reach new customers, boost brand awareness, and acquire more leads. See what a G2 Profile can do for you! https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/enablix-case-study@2x.png
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