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Appknox Increases Product Pageviews by 262% After Optimizing G2 Profile

June 24, 2020


A success story about how one of our customers, Appknox, improved traffic and conversions by optimizing their G2 profile. More on the full story below:

Customer profile:


Appknox is an on-demand mobile application security platform that allows users to build and deploy world class mobile apps for their organizations at scale, without compromising on security. As a current G2 High Performer, Appknox is known for its ease of use and set up, along with quality customer support.

Business need:
Insufficient traffic and low lead numbers

Building traffic and driving product awareness is among one of the most challenging obstacles for brands today. It can take years to build quality traffic, and without those pageviews, generating organic leads becomes nearly impossible.

Appknox noticed that their audience was not engaging with their content – leads were down and CTAs were not converting. Considering this low engagement, Appknox was in need of a solution to help boost engagement and traffic, generate more leads, and drive more free trial sign-ups.


G2 Profile optimization and backlink generation

Shortly after researching G2’s SEO and website success, Appknox decided to invest in a paid profile with G2, recognizing that G2 could bring tremendous value and was ultimately important to increasing engagement and business success on their own website. With this upgrade, they began to leverage G2 Sponsored Content, G2 Review Automation, G2 Buyer Intent data, and their G2 Grid Placement, all while optimizing their G2 Product Profile. 

In order to optimize their G2 Product Profile, Appknox started by ensuring all company information was up to date, along with any screenshots of the product interface – back end and front end. Next, they added the high-converting assets they wanted customers to interact with, including videos, playbooks, case studies, and guides. 

Once their profile was complete, they focused heavily on generating backlinks on other properties to their G2 profile. A solid backlink profile will improve SEO ranking for the page that is being linked, so Appknox put effort into building links to their profile from high domain authority blogs like Dzone, Hackernoon, Security Boulevard, and Devops.com.



increase in page views.


increase in "compare" page views.


increase in time on page.


increase in reviews taken.


increase in leads submitted.


increase in CTA/free trial click.

Increased pageviews and free trial sign-ups

The decision to invest in a paid subscription with G2 landed Appknox in a better position to engage with their ideal audience. Just six months after optimizing their G2 profile, not only did they have an influx in traffic to their profile page, but Appknox saw a spike in all profile metrics including time on page, reviews left, leads submitted, and CTA and free trial clicks. 

This left them in a significantly better position than before optimizing their profile, yielding an increase in engagement by almost 300%, more people considering their product against their competitors, and double the free trial sign-ups. 

There are many ways G2 can help your business, especially when you are a growth-stage startup and targeting 4X growth every quarter. We have seen a lot of value with G2 across marketing & sales.

GVS Chaitanya 
Head of Growth, Appknox

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Start using G2 today to collect reviews, boost traffic, and identify buyers — for FREE

g2-profile Claim your profile

Start using G2 today to collect reviews, boost traffic, and identify buyers — for FREE

Appknox Increases Product Pageviews by 262% After Optimizing G2 Profile Learn how Appknox increased their G2 Product Profile page views, time on page, leads submitted, and free trial clicks. Leveraging G2 Buyer Intent Data, G2 Content, and more helped Appknox see nearly a 300% jump in engagement. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/appknox-3.png
Jordan Wahl Jordan Wahl is a former content manager at G2. She holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She loves anything that puts her in her creative space. including writing, art, and music. https://learn.g2crowd.com/hubfs/jordan-wahl-g2crowd.jpg https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanmwahl/