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MoEngage Uses G2 to Strengthen Brand and Drive Demand

November 8, 2023

Moengage Case Study

MoEngage is making waves with its innovative, insights-led customer engagement platform. They empower marketers and product owners with AI-driven insights to craft captivating cross-channel experiences. 

Unlike campaign automation and analytics tools, which force marketers to be more campaign-centric – MoEngage empowers marketers to be customer-centric through intelligent insights about customers’ journeys, preferences, lifestyle affinities, and more. 

Serving a diverse portfolio of global enterprises across 35 countries, MoEngage has become the go-to solution for industry giants, from Domino’s to McAfee.

And with a staggering reach of over 1 billion end-consumers monthly with 1.2 trillion messages sent in the last year, their global impact is undeniable.

The driving force

In the last year, MoEngage has enhanced its engagement with G2, building on a foundation established over five years of collaboration. They have significantly improved their market position by effectively leveraging customer feedback and third-party validation through their focused and strategic use of G2.

Although initially, MoEngage faced challenges in establishing brand credibility and differentiating themselves in a competitive market, their recent approach has revolved around consistently driving customer reviews, quarter over quarter. 

This effort has not only enhanced their brand presence but also played a crucial role in marketing. These reviews have been effectively used in marketing assets and campaigns, further distinguishing MoEngage.

MoEngage’s game plan

The introduction of G2 marked a shift in MoEngage's strategy. Recognizing the potential of G2’s marketplace, MoEngage embarked on a journey to leverage various G2 products, including review generation, content subscription, and buyer intent tracking. 

Their approach was multifaceted:

  • Review Generation and Management: By adopting a personalized approach to review collection and working closely with Customer Success Managers (CSMs), MoEngage ensured quality and authenticity in their reviews. They also utilized G2's compare reports for social proof on their paid landing pages.
  • Buyer Intent Data Utilization: MoEngage employed G2’s buyer intent data for targeted marketing and sales initiatives, particularly on LinkedIn campaigns. This data was also integrated with their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tool, Demandbase, for a refined lead scoring model and account engagement reports.
  • Quarterly Performance Assessments: Regular evaluations of G2's quarterly reports enabled MoEngage to closely monitor and adapt their strategies for maximum impact.

“G2's Buyer Intent data has helped us to better reach out to in-market accounts, which has led to sales closing faster from leads who have already done their research."

Arti Prasad
Director of Digital Marketing.

Future plans

The collaboration with G2 yielded impressive results for MoEngage:

  • Pipeline positively influenced by G2 in all four quarters 
  • Around 8-10% of pipeline engaged directly on G2 across all four quarters
  • Positive influence by G2 for Win Rate by 10-12% when matched buyers showed direct engagement

4 quarters

of pipeline positively influenced by G2 


of pipeline engaged directly on G2 across all four quarters 


win rate from positive influence by G2 when matched buyers showed direct engagement

MoEngage plans to continue leveraging G2 in their strategy, focusing on improving results from intent data, particularly in the EU and North America. Their objective is to maintain the momentum and further enhance their market presence and customer understanding.

MoEngage’s journey with G2 is a powerful demonstration of how review platforms can be strategically utilized to achieve growth in brand awareness and customer insights. 

As MoEngage continues to use G2’s platform, they are set to further evolve their strategy, enhancing customer engagement and driving growth in an ever-changing market. By focusing on review generation and buyer intent data, MoEngage not only expanded their market presence but also gained deeper insights into buyer behavior, significantly enhancing their sales and marketing strategies.

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Start using G2 today to gather reviews, boost your traffic, and identify buyers. 

moengage-case-study Claim your profile!

Start using G2 today to gather reviews, boost your traffic, and identify buyers. 

MoEngage Uses G2 to Strengthen Brand and Drive Demand Learn more about how MoEngage generated more G2 Reviews and saw a boost in website traffic, ad conversation, and so much more. See what G2 Buyer Intent can do for your business today! https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/_Sell-Moengage%20Case%20Study.png
Erin Boyd Erin Boyd is the Customer Education and Marketing Manager at G2, where she supports all customer education efforts. For the past six years, she's focused on the experience and success of customers through marketing initiatives. Outside of work, you can find her enjoying classic films, watching live music, and exploring new travel destinations. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/1658328463038.jpeg https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-cathleen-boyd/