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G2 Strengthens Kimble’s Marketing Against Well-funded Competitors

July 6, 2020


A success story about how one of our customers, Kimble, leveraged the power of G2 Review Generation campaigns to gain consumer trust and become a “best-in-class” software solution in their industry. More on the full story below:

Customer profile:


Kimble is a leading specialist Professional Services Automation SaaS vendor. Kimble’s unique augmented intelligence framework helps drive customer-defined best practices that improve performance. It offers forward-looking intelligent insights that guide managers in optimizing decision-making

Business need:

Competing with well-funded competitors

Kimble faces some very well-funded competitors, which use their marketing dollars to promote PSA offerings that are actually part of product suites. Kimble, however, specializes in PSA and partners with providers of complementary offerings, giving customers “best-of-breed” solutions.

With its strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Kimble has devoted far more resources to product development than marketing and sales. Its goal is to have a product that speaks for itself. But how could Kimble ensure that its solutions don’t lose visibility amid a sea of competitors buying online advertising?

Kimble’s answer was G2 and its platform of verified user reviews, many of which include a screenshot to improve the content and reliability of the review


Level the playing field with customer reviews

Kimble selected G2 and its platform of verified user reviews to raise awareness of Kimble’s PSA solutions. Knowing they were up against well-funded competition, Kimble was able to leverage the breadth and robustness of the G2 platform through the help of a G2 review generation campaign.

Kimble was able to extend its marketing efforts and reach more prospective customers. This allows the firm to invest more resources on product development and customer success.


By using G2 as a key part of its marketing efforts, Kimble has leveled the playing field for its specialized PSA solution. Kimble’s customer success teams point clients and prospective customers to the G2 marketplace for impartial and independent reviews. Reviews also establish an important feedback loop, creating a better experience for users.

In addition, Kimble sees a trend toward moving away from product suites to individual products. Capitalizing on this idea, Kimble ensures that its products can be integrated with other software to customize user experience. Thanks to G2, the best vendors of each software category rise to the top, accelerating the industry shift to best of breed.



verified reviews after focusing on review generation

Increased customer reviews and brand awareness

G2‘s verified user reviews assure Kimble that “real” customers are commenting on its PSA solutions, as well as competitors’ products. Kimble was able to see an increase of more than 330 verified customer reviews to their G2 profile.

Through G2, prospective customers gain a balanced and independent view of multiple PSA solutions in one place. Kimble’s results include higher brand awareness and well-qualified leads.

Kimble also leverages its high user satisfaction ratings in the highly competitive PSA category to reach prospective buyers. This is a distinct advantage, as Kimble’s solutions may not be highly visible on the web because some competitors have larger marketing budgets for online advertising.

“G2 gives people choice from multiple providers— it doesn’t matter how many marketing dollars a firm has to spend. It’s not about telling people what to buy: it’s about educating buyers.”

Mark Robinson
CMO, Kimble

Thanks to G2 reviews, customers are also able to see how Kimble’s PSA solutions work with complementary “best-in-class” products from other vendors. This allows Kimble to gain an edge against larger firms with suite solutions that include a PSA component.

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Start using G2 today to gather reviews, boost your traffic, and identify buyers — for FREE

G2 Strengthens Kimble’s Marketing Against Well-funded Competitors Discover how Kimble used the G2 review generation campaign to generate more than 330 verified user-reviews on their G2 profile. This not only increase Kimble's brand awareness, but it helped them stand out amongst well-funded competitors in their field. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/customer-stories-tile-kimble.png
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