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BoomTown Collects 220 New User Reviews With G2 Marketing Solutions

December 16, 2021


Your customers are your most important asset. And if you follow BoomTown’s footsteps, you’ll leverage them to build brand awareness and promote more pipeline. 

BoomTown is a leading real estate customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The platform boasts tools and technology for lead generation and in-house lead qualification services that can scale with businesses of all sizes. 

Scroll through BoomTown’s G2 profile and you’ll see that it speaks for itself, with rave user reviews and badges showcasing them as a software category leader. Needless to say, BoomTown is a favorable software in the real estate industry. 

But this recognition didn’t come easy. BoomTown works hard to implement strategies that help them stand out among competitors in an often-crowded digital space. 

BoomTown recognizes the growing importance of online social proof, especially in today’s ever-changing social environment. And even more importantly, the brand knows that leveraging user sentiment to move prospective buyers down the sales funnel is critical to success.

Learning to stand out from the online crowd

In this day and age, digital channels are integral for organizations looking to connect with and learn more about their buyers. But despite the prominence of online platforms, companies still depend on in-person meetings and events to establish themselves as industry leaders. 

Face-to-face meetings allow companies to lift the veil and connect with buyers in a more candid way. So when in-person events were no longer a viable option due to the pandemic, companies had to rely even more on digital channels to connect with existing and prospective customers. 

This means that the already-competitive online environment became even more congested.

Charlotte Robertson, Senior Marketing Manager of Demand Generation at BoomTown, recalls: “We were seeing way more competition with the shift of less in-person events to more digital lead generation sources.” Robertson continues, “And by June of 2021, our competitors were going after our audience, bidding on our Google Ads keywords and targeting our clients.” 


  • Maintain user satisfaction ranking in the Real Estate CRM on G2
  • Increase their average rating on their G2 profile
  • Provide valuable content for their sales team to leverage on calls

BoomTown needed to find a way to stand out on their core, now overcrowded, online channels. To do this, they decided to focus on the platform they knew their buyers leverage the most: G2

First, BoomTown identified key goals meant to help spread brand awareness and build positive social proof. These goals included KPIs such as increasing their average star rating and maintaining their high-ranking status in their core software category on G2. 

“We wanted to keep our status as the #1 Real Estate CRM in user satisfaction,” Robertson explains. “And we also set a goal to collect more user reviews in hopes of increasing our overall review rating.” 

Next, BoomTown focused on strategic ways to help its sales team guide buyers down the sales funnel. “Providing specific information for our sales reps to use when going head-to-head with a competitor was also a very high priority for us,” Roberston remarks.

Using G2 Marketing Solutions to become a software category leader

But BoomTown knew they couldn’t just snap their fingers and generate more reviews and leads. Instead, the brand pursued a strategy based on meeting their current and prospective customers on the platform they already use and trust for software reviews. 

Enter G2 Review Generation, BoomTown’s solution for collecting more reviews and improving their overall rating. These review campaigns helped BoomTown gather authentic feedback about its product from trusted users. 

“We ran incentivized G2 review campaigns every other month and implemented a pop-up message within our CRM tool to ask current users to leave a review,” Robertson explains. “And as a thank you, those who left a review through our app were entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card each month.”


  • Leverage G2 Marketing Solutions to build brand awareness in a target software category on a trusted B2B review site
  • Run G2 Review Generation campaigns to collect more reviews from real customers and increase the overall user rating
  • Provide sales reps with G2 Compare Reports to help them create and close more opportunities with potential buyers

Tapping into their existing customer base allowed BoomTown to collect reviews from current users. Increasing the average user rating and satisfaction score on G2 would help solidify their top spot in the Real Estate CRM category.

Guiding buyers down the funnel with G2 Compare Reports

With more user reviews and a high category ranking under their belt, BoomTown then leveraged G2 Compare Reports to gain vital data on their product and competitors. This data was then leveraged by sales reps to create and close more opportunities. 

“We leveraged eight individual competitive comparison reports, plus a master report showcasing BoomTown’s platform against those eight competitors,” Robertson says.

“G2 Compare Reports help our sales reps show prospective buyers why BoomTown ranks above our competitors.”

Charlotte Robertson
Sr. Marketing Manager, Demand Gen at BoomTown

Robertson continues, “We also created two landing pages to use for competitive search terms and uploaded them into our sales enablement content tool for reps to share with their open opportunities.”  

These landing pages opened up an entirely new lead source for BoomTown’s business development representatives (BDR) team. 

And although online platforms remained their main focus, BoomTown took key tactics from their digital strategy to connect with users as in-person events started up again. 

“Our biggest win capturing new reviews was setting up a brag ‘n’ swag booth at our user conference in June,” Robertson reflects. “We gave our clients a BoomTown branded YETI cup as a thank you for leaving a G2 review.”

Higher user ratings and more opportunities

BoomTown set out with three main goals: collect more user reviews, maintain their ranking in their target software category, and produce content to assist sales reps with opportunities. And they were able to accomplish all three in just twelve months.

Between December 2020 and December 2021, BoomTown collected 220 new user reviews and kept their ranking as the #1 in user satisfaction for Real Estate CRM. “We were even able to increase our average rating from 4.7 to 4.8 stars,” Robertson adds.  

“By running regular G2 review campaigns, we were able to get more user reviews,” Robertson continues. “This helped us keep our ranking in the Real Estate CRM category and see higher ratings in the comparison reports.”


ranked in user satisfaction in the Real Estate CRM category on G2.com


overall user review rating on their G2 profile page


new user reviews 

BoomTown also leveraged G2 Compare Reports to support its sales team. These reports contain valuable insights to help reps create and close more opportunities. 

“We enable our sales team with these reports to help them combat head-to-head deals,” Robertson explains. “These reports have influenced twelve opportunities, including  three closed-won deals, in just three months!”


new opportunities and 3 closed-won, influenced by G2 competitor reports in just 3 months

G2 Review Campaigns continue to play a key role in BoomTown’s strategy to gather user reviews and rank high in their target software category. Furthermore, their use of Compare Reports is critical in their ongoing effort to support the sales team in moving opportunities down the funnel. 

“We ultimately wanted to help our reps book more meetings and close more deals,” Robertson says. “And thanks to G2, we succeeded.” 

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G2 Marketing Solutions
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Connect with 60 million buyers – and counting. Get started with G2 Marketing Solutions.

BoomTown Collects 220 New User Reviews With G2 Marketing Solutions See how BoomTown used G2 Review Generation and Compare Reports to create opportunities, collect more reviews, and remain a leader in their category. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/customer-story-tiles/customer-stories-tile-boomtown.png
Brittany K. King Brittany K. King is a Content Marketing Manager at G2. She received her BA in English Language & Literature with a concentration in Writing from Pace University. Brittany’s expertise is in supporting G2 products and sellers, focusing specifically on Buyer Intent data and Review Generation. After 5pm, you can find Brittany listening to her extensive record collection, hanging with her dog and cats, or booking her next vacation. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/_Logos/Brittany%20KingUpdated.jpeg https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittking71/