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Winning by Design Maximizes Reviews on G2 to Close Big Deals

July 16, 2020


A success story about how one of our customers, Winning by Design, made the most of their G2 Profile to capture verified reviews from their customers as a way to close more deals.

Customer profile:

Winning by Design

Winning by Design helps businesses design, build, and scale their revenue organizations by leveraging the power of Remote Selling. Winning by Design is known for their scientific frameworks that they apply to all aspects of strategy, including: playbooks, sales process design, interactive training, and repeatable coaching. They have helped more than 500 B2B and SaaS companies companies worldwide achieve sustainable growth.

Business need:

Winning by Design was considered a best kept secret among their most loyal fans for years. For their next stage of growth, Winning by Design sought to take the key differentiators that their customers have come to love and bring them to life through the direct words of the leaders and individual reps who they train. All while balancing the challenge of scaling across a global audience through an authentic platform.


Verification was essential to ensure the integrity of the information shared and to help users learn from the experiences of others. This led Winning by Design to partner with G2 and its platform of in-depth verified user reviews on their business profile, which offer a “real-world laboratory” for buyers with relevant experiences.


Winning by Design uses an open source strategy, where it makes content and reviews available for all consume. That's where G2 Review Automation came into play. G2 allowed Winning by Design to directly reach out to their most loyal users and  encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback to be posted on G2. They found that customers will often proactively volunteer to write a review with candid feedback to explain their experiences and help educate others, which fit quite well with their open source philosophy.

In addition, Winning by Design utilizes many of the features offered by the G2 platform, including a customized landing page, review page, and G2 widgets. Through the G2 marketplace, Winning by Design continues to elevate its brand awareness and win new clients as they can offer G2 as a resource where prospective clients can research and see authentic reviews from their peers.



5-star customer reviews on G2.com

Winning by Design improves credibility and closes deals

With G2 Marketing Solutions, Winning by Design by able to accumulate more than 340 five-star customer reviews on G2 and become a category leader among stiff competition.

Thanks to exposure on the G2 platform and its detailed, candid reviews, Winning by Design has also been able to provide verified information about its services to prospective clients. 

"Buyers want access to product information and so that they can do research on their own, and hear directly from their peers," says Sari Eisendrath, VP of Content & Revenue Enablement.

A catalog of new and in-depth customer reviews on G2 allowed potential Winning by Design clients to educate themselves on which product would be the best fit for them. Winning by Design found other benefits to working with G2, including a customer-centric approach to providing references.

Existing customers write a single G2 review for Winning by Design, instead of being asked to speak with multiple potential new clients to provide references. New prospects can then be directed to these reviews on G2. The reviews also capture “best practices” shared among customers for how to work most effectively with Winning by Design. 

“We've heard from several customers that they learned about us from G2, or that the reviews on G2 helped them to confirm their decision to work with us. So, the G2 platform is a vital piece of how we drive organic growth.”

Sari Eisendrath
VP of Content & Revenue Enablement at Winning by Design

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Start using G2 today to gather reviews, boost your traffic, and identify buyers — for FREE

Winning by Design Maximizes Reviews on G2 to Close Big Deals Discover how Winning by Design made the most of their G2 Profile to maximize reviews from real users of their product. This helped them to increase credibility, help close big deals, and massively increase their ROI by over 1,500%. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/customer-story-tiles/customer-stories-tile-winningbydesign.png
Yoni Solomon Yoni Solomon is the CMO at Uptime.com, delivering web monitoring peace of mind to thousands of customers around the world. He has spent a decade launching new products for G2.com ($257M raised, Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for 2020), PowerReviews (#49 on Deloitte's Fast 500, #1 in Chicago in 2018), and Vibes ($45M raised in 2016). Yoni's thought leadership on go-to-market strategy is published in Forbes. He's been recognized as one of tech's most influential product marketers by the Product Marketing Alliance, which named his team at G2 2019's Product Marketing Team of the Year. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/yoni.png https://www.linkedin.com/in/yonisolomon/