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Yellowfin Sees a 20% Conversion Rate from Leads to Opportunities with G2 Compare Report

July 10, 2020


A success story about how one of our customers, Yellowfin, improved conversion rates of their ideal prospects and increased leads YoY by utilizing G2’s Compare Report. More on the full story below:

Customer profile:


Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence platform dedicated to solving enterprise analytics challenges and helping business people understand not only what happened, but why it happened.

Business need:

Increasing brand awareness in a competitive category

Yellowfin signed up with G2 to increase brand awareness through user reviews. Throughout the partnership, they’ve worked with G2 to steadily increase their review number to better compete in the Business Intelligence Platforms and Embedded Business Intelligence spaces.

In 2018 they wanted to try a new approach by doing an internal competition with their customer success team to drive reviews. They gave their team a goal to work toward, and with the campaign they grew reviews by 3x and moved on the Business Intelligence Platforms grid from a High Performer to a Leader.


Turning reviews into competitive advantage

To increase leads and brand awareness, Yellowfin decided to utilize their G2 Premium Profile and G2 Compare Report to show prospective customers how they stand out against the competition. This personalized approach was designed to cut through the noise of a very crowded industry and put the emphasis on buyer-focused solutions.


The marketing team at Yellowfin uses G2’s Compare Report to show prospects how Yellowfin compares against their top competitors: Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau Server. Prospects engaged with Yellowfin’s nurture campaign receive the Compare Report via email when their lead score indicates they’re evaluating business intelligence solutions.

It’s no accident that Yellowfin chose products for the Compare Report that it competes with most often. When the Yellowfin sales team comes up against these competitors—often in the later stages of the buying process—they are armed with the report to show how real users rate the various products across multiple aspects.



higher open rate


higher click-through rate


conversion rate from leads to opportunities

Higher quality leads and increased customer awareness

Nurture emails that include the Compare Report have a 2x higher open rate and 4x higher click-through rate when compared to other emails in the same nurture campaign. Prospects who download the Compare Report have a conversion rate of 11% to sales-ready leads and convert to opportunities at a rate of 20%.

“With G2 we’re able to show prospects how real customers view our product. It’s real users who explain what it’s really like to use our product.”

Tom Campbell
Global Marketing Operations Manager, Yellowfin

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Start using G2 today to gather reviews, boost your traffic, and identify buyers — for FREE