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FlippingBook Sees 111% increase in Sales from G2 Leads

June 26, 2024

How do you take the benefits of a G2 profile to the next level to improve brand visibility, website traffic, the strength of customer leads, and sales? 

FlippingBook, an online tool that turns PDFs into flipbooks that can be shared and tracked, asked themselves that very question. FlippingBook first launched a G2 Free Profile, which allowed them to establish a basic presence on G2's platform and begin collecting and responding to reviews from real customers. 

"We were happy when reviews started coming in,” says Lada Bretel, Head of Content at FlippingBook, who solicited reviews through email campaigns, customer support chats, and company email signatures with links to the G2 profile. 

“We wanted to stand out among our competitors and knew getting G2 reviews could help us do that.”

Lada Bretel
Head of Content at FlippingBook

Collecting customer reviews helped FlippingBook to increase their brand awareness and begin to build a base of strong leads, but they knew a deeper partnership with G2 could grow their business even further. 

A G2 Upgrade Meant More Tools and Support to Attract and Convert Leads

When Lada learned about the additional benefits of upgrading to a paid G2 plan—with more advanced features like profile Call-to-Actions (CTAs), review collection integrations, market intelligence, and buyer intent data that are crucial to driving traffic, engagement, and conversions—she knew immediately that the upgrade could help take the company’s success to the next level. 

The investment has paid dividends (but more on that later)! 

By upgrading to a paid plan, FlippingBook was able to immediately apply key improvements to their G2 profile page to make it pop against competitors, including adding: 

  • an overview video to their profile banner showcasing the power of FlippingBook to transform dull PDFs into engaging interactive content,
  • CTA buttons to bring interested consumers to their website for a free trial or to a contact form so product experts could follow up with a personal touch,
  • downloadable marketing content, including an overview of FlippingBook’s features, use cases, and competitor comparisons, 
  • video reviews and more.

Customers who upgrade with G2 can expect to generate 4X more reviews on average compared to the free plan. Other benefits include significantly increased profile traffic, time spent on page, and Google search results. 

Upgraded users can also post video reviews, which bring additional authenticity and depth to customer testimonials to increase engagement and improve the chances of conversion. 

A complete and optimized G2 profile also increases the chances of earning G2 badges. The badges are awarded based on user reviews and data collected by G2, and they aim to recognize high-performing companies in various categories. 

Since upgrading, FlippingBook has garnered impressive badge awards that they convert into seasonal reports to showcase their recognition and further validate their product's performance to prospects.

“We regularly get High Performer and Leader badges across multiple categories. We’ve also recently received a badge for Best ROI Mid-Market 2024, which we display on our G2 profile page. Collecting badges on G2, as well as a Best Software Award, actually inspired us to create a new report that we can share with our customers and leads,” says Lada, who has shared that report on the FlippingBook blog and social media in the form of an interactive flipbook. 

As an upgraded customer, FlippingBook says they get customer service that is second to none. 

“FlippingBook’s own customer support team works tirelessly to provide the best user experience to our customers, so we value the same effort in our vendors and partners," Lada shares.

“The level of support you get from the G2 team is not something you see often. They truly invest in customer relationships and provide a personal touch.”

Lada Bretel
Head of Content at FlippingBook

"They keep you in the loop on new features, give advice on how to improve traffic and get more reviews, and are always there whenever we have questions.”

An Investment With Big Rewards 

This is the second year that FlippingBook has been a paid G2 customer, and the results have been impressive, particularly in the first year of use. 

Website traffic coming from G2 increased by 30% in the first year with an additional 8% in the second year.

“The CTA buttons on our G2 profile are driving prospects to our website. We’ve seen a steady increase of product sign-ups from consumers who visit our site from G2,” says Lada

Product sign-ups from G2 increased 150+% in the first year with an additional 20 percent in the second year

Lada notes that the leads derived from G2 are stronger than those coming from other sources, with G2 leads “more open to chatting with the sales team, which is a big plus because they’re more likely to close,” she says.

33% of G2 leads agree to speak to a sales team member compared to 25% from other sources

The best news of all is that those leads are converting!

FlippingBook sales from G2 leads increased by 111% in the first year of using a G2 paid plan.

“We couldn’t be happier with the partnership,” says Lada.

G2CM_BI114_Backlog_Images_[What_is_prospect]_V1a Find your best-fit prospects

Target ready-to-buy prospects and close deals faster with G2 Marketing Solutions.

G2CM_BI114_Backlog_Images_[What_is_prospect]_V1a Find your best-fit prospects

Target ready-to-buy prospects and close deals faster with G2 Marketing Solutions.

FlippingBook Sees 111% increase in Sales from G2 Leads Learn how partnering with G2 led to stronger leads, more conversions, and impressive ROI for FlippingBook. Discover the key to success in boosting brand visibility and driving sales. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/FlippingBook-logo.png
Katelyn Silva Katelyn Silva is the owner of Silva Content Solutions and a freelance writer for G2. She has more than 15 years of experience working in education, technology, and non-profit communications and content writing. Silva has a BA in English and sociology from Connecticut College and an MA in humanities from the University of Chicago. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/SilvaPhoto.png