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How Mine Uses G2 to Source MQLs 2x More Likely to Convert

April 19, 2023

Mine uses G2 to source MQLs

Pivots in business happen all the time. But there’s nothing better when a pivot has unlimited potential for success and tremendous growth. 

That’s precisely the opportunity the team at Mine knew they had in front of them. The company made a big splash with their privacy software that gave consumers the power to have greater control over their personal data using the MineApp. However, it was difficult to ignore how many businesses were also reaching out with their own pain points with managing user personal data, extending to the organization’s data practices and ongoing management.

With the launch of MineOS, their platform for businesses, the team had an immense challenge – expanding into the world of B2B software. Their offerings solve numerous private data issues and help companies strengthen their privacy programs, from small businesses to enterprise organizations.

Since marketing to businesses is entirely different from consumers, Mine found themselves as a newcomer in a market full of established brands. The company needed to figure out how to build on a concept for which they were big advocates: trust.

Building awareness and trust after pivoting to a B2B landscape

With greater revenue-earning potential and a product that addressed some serious pain points, expanding to target B2B audiences was a no-brainer for a high-growth startup like Mine. The team knew that gaining traction in their new market would come down to growing awareness and proving their worth to prospective buyers.

“Trust is huge at Mine, and we know that G2 is synonymous with trust. User reviews provided us with the social proof we needed to stand out against our competitors.”

Or Baram
Senior Acquisition Manager at Mine

When the team sought to uncover and understand their target buyers, they began researching software review sites. But after talking with industry colleagues and customers, it became apparent that as the world’s largest marketplace for software, G2 stood out above all the rest.


After taking the leap and expanding into a new market, the team at Mine partnered with G2 to:

  • Gain awareness among a sea of established competitors
  • Differentiate their brand backed by the voice of the customer
  • Identify their target buyers to improve messaging and to drive pipeline

The team accepted that the road ahead was long and their presence on G2 would be critical to their success. Mine got to work and began to prioritize review collection from their customers. The team built a strong foundation in no time, and they would soon see their hard work pay off. 

Going all-in with G2 and the voice of the customer

Customers were happy, and Mine’s performance on G2 reflected this. Mine scored its first set of badges and placed high on the G2 Grid Report across several of their target software categories, including data privacy management, data governance, and more. 

But becoming a leader on G2 was just the beginning. The team became inspired by their performance and strategized on how to take things further by showing off their badges with pride. 

It’s important to remember that awareness and trust were crucial components of their marketing strategy, but they also needed to see how those reviews would translate into revenue. Backed by the support of their team at G2, Mine put together a plan to get even more out of their presence there.  


The team at Mine was all-in. They knew that their success on G2 could further enhance their marketing efforts. But they also knew that G2 had a wealth of data they could leverage to take things to the next level. Mine partnered with G2 to:

  • Understand and target ideal buyers with G2 Buyer Intent
  • Leverage content to illustrate trust with the G2 Content Subscription
  • Explore partner integrations to maximize productivity and execute faster

First, Mine made sure the accolades they were receiving on G2 became integral to their website, content, and sales collateral. 

“G2 made it easy for us to create collateral and content assets backed by real data.” 

Or Baram
Senior Acquisition Manager at Mine

To amplify their success on G2, Mine utilized the G2 Content Subscription. They licensed G2 Grid Reports and leader badges and used them in several ways. Mine: 

  • Touted their position as G2 leaders throughout their website, like in footers and sticky bars across all pages
  • Created custom landing pages for use in various marketing and sales efforts
  • Produced new ebooks and other content assets to give added context to the publication of new G2 Grid Reports
  • Manufactured fun plushies to celebrate new Grid Reports and share on social channels
  • Used their custom content with G2 data as gated assets or to promote awareness for new leader badges with LinkedIn Ads campaigns

Social proof is core to their messaging, and Mine has become a best-in-class example of how to utilize content from G2. With the number of badges they receive every report crossing 100 badges, and customer satisfaction maintained at the highest level, they continue to rely on certified proof from G2.

Mine also looked to G2 Buyer Intent data to get unique insights into the types of buyers indicating high intent. This was incredibly valuable for their sales team to align on the sorts of companies that fit their ideal buyer persona and to begin outreach on those opportunities.

“Like other sites, G2 connects us with small businesses,” said Baram. “But more importantly, we know that G2 also connects us with mid-market and enterprise buyers.”

In addition, to streamline their use of G2’s intent data, Mine activated several G2 partner integrations:

  • G2 + Slack: By connecting to custom channels in their team’s instance of Slack, they could quickly act on new reviews and buyer intent signals in real-time.
  • G2 Buyer Intent + ZoomInfo: By activating this integration, the team can further their ABM strategy and better leverage intent data at precise moments with pinpoint accuracy.

Company buy-in beyond the marketing team meant that all of Mine saw the value in their presence on G2. By leveraging these different solutions, Mine was about to see the fruits of their labors.

How a commitment to authentic reviews drove pipeline for Mine

Trust is an essential part of Mine’s DNA. The team saw the potential of leveraging social proof to strengthen their messaging and set themselves apart from established competitors. They had the utmost confidence their product was helping customers by focusing on automation and simplicity (setting MineOS apart from legacy solutions in various criteria like the time to go live), and their commitment to collecting reviews would pay off in a big way.

Today, G2 is a consistent, reliable channel fueling their revenue growth. “We needed to get relevant traffic,” said Baram. “And we found that our audience is very much going through G2 in their journey.”

Since partnering with G2, Mine reports that they saw a 4x increase in marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and that leads from G2 are 2x more likely to convert than from other channels. Furthermore, their G2 profile typically generates an average of 2 leads per week, and about 15% of deals won are sourced from G2


more MQLs as a result of the partnership with G2


higher rate of conversion for G2 leads than other channels 


of deals won were sourced directly from G2 

It’s clear to see that their position as a leader on G2 created a snowball effect. Consistent efforts in collecting reviews and using G2 Grid Reports in their content and sales assets to establish trust have furthered their position in the market while also impacting revenue goals.

When asked what advice he would give to other businesses looking to see how G2 can benefit them, Or Baram from the Mine team admits that it can be tough when you have limited resources to work with. 

“You have to try to understand the impact G2 can have on your business, even if that initial investment seems like the world to a small business or a high-growth startup,” said Baram. “It’s a process, but you have to have patience and put in the work to get results.”

Unleash the power of social proof to win over more buyers. Explore how G2 Marketing Solutions can help you gain a competitive advantage and close more deals.

G2 Marketing Solutions Prove that you’re worth it.

See how G2 Marketing Solutions harnesses the voice of the customer to strengthen your messaging and positioning to win in a competitive market.

G2 Marketing Solutions Prove that you’re worth it.

See how G2 Marketing Solutions harnesses the voice of the customer to strengthen your messaging and positioning to win in a competitive market.

How Mine Uses G2 to Source MQLs 2x More Likely to Convert Pivoting into a competitive market can be daunting. See how Mine utilized the power of reviews to strengthen their messaging and win more deals. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_CS003_Mine_Case_Study_Blog_Image_V1a.png
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