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How Planhat Became a Leader in 7 Competitive Categories

December 12, 2022

A G2 + Planhat case study on how they drive customer advocacy through reviews

Becoming a category leader is achievable for nearly any vendor on G2. But earning the top spot as a leader across seven categories? That’s no small feat.

Planhat was able to do just that. What’s more impressive is that they did it despite a challenging competitive landscape.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Planhat offers a cutting-edge customer platform built specifically for customer success and the customer lifecycle. Customer retention is just as important as acquiring customers, and Planhat can be a better solution for guaranteeing a positive customer journey than a traditional CRM alone.

As any growing software company will tell you, having the best product in the world is meaningless if no one knows about it. Boosting brand awareness is crucial, yet extremely difficult, if the competition is fierce with well-known players.

Planhat not only needed to improve their presence in the market a few years back, but they also needed to acquire new business. The company knew that review sites could help drive traffic and generate leads, and realized that G2 had a lot to offer to help with these goals.

Growing awareness in a highly competitive space with big players

Review sites like G2 are only becoming more influential in the purchase decision as the sales cycle continues to get longer and competition ramps up in the B2B software world. But as Sofia Roskvist, Marketing Manager at Planhat found out, not all sites are built equally or matter to their target audiences.

We use about 48 review sites, but G2 is where I focus and spend most of my time. Especially in the customer success space, G2 is the primary review site.

 Sofia Roskvist
Marketing Manager, Planhat

G2 felt like a significant investment at first since they, like other startups, have limited means to get results beyond claiming a free profile. However, Planhat saw their presence on G2 as instrumental to gaining traction as a customer success platform.

“We know that our prospects use review sites at least once in the sales cycle to compare us to competitors,” says Roskvist. Planhat needed to drive leads and traffic to their site. At the same time, they needed to make a case to prospects on why they’re the go-to solution.


With their work cut out for them, Planhat looked to G2 as a trusted partner to:

  • Achieve greater brand recognition in a competitive space with big players
  • Cement their position as a leader in the customer success category
  • Acquire more customers and drive pipeline

Roskvist and her team went to work to complete their profile, but they didn’t stop there. Planhat maximized what they could by optimizing their profile and began collecting customer reviews.

Planhat had a solid foundation to build upon, so they looked to other ways G2 could help overcome their challenges. The team knew that rising to the top of the Grid Report would require more since they were just beginning to invest in their presence on G2.

Leveraging the power of authentic, validated reviews to win over buyers

Planhat viewed their platform as an ideal solution to provide a 360° view of customers to their buyers. It became clear that earning the top spot in their target categories as a G2 Leader would lend a ton of credibility to their brand despite being a relative newcomer to the market.

This led Planhat to explore G2 Marketing Solutions to give some options to boost their performance and shoot to the top. 


Planhat utilized a mix of different solutions from G2 to attract new buyers and grow their brand:

  • Scale review collection with G2 Review Generation campaigns
  • Target in-market prospects with G2 Buyer Intent
  • Leverage partner integrations to supercharge efforts on G2

The company began to see an initial flow of reviews, but things were more passive at the start as they didn’t have a formal process for scaling their review collection. They started by instituting competitions to see who could get the most customers to leave a review every quarter, but they knew they were just scratching the surface.

G2 Review Generation campaigns were a natural progression to kick things into high gear. These campaigns were one key ingredient in driving more reviews for Planhat. Now that Planhat had built out their G2 profile and had a wide variety of customer reviews, they turned their focus to engaging with prospects through G2.

For more active prospecting and sales initiatives, G2 Buyer Intent data allowed the Planhat sales team to engage new buyers with pinpoint accuracy. G2 is the world’s largest marketplace for B2B software, meaning that this data can reveal invaluable insights into where a buyer is in their journey. Planhat put G2 Buyer Intent data to use to reach out to prospects with content appropriate to their current buying stage or intent signal.

Integrations played another important role in the company’s review collection and lead generation strategy. Since there are countless integrations available through the G2 Partner Hub, Planhat had some excellent options to see which existing solutions and tools could help them:

  • HubSpot: Planhat was already utilizing HubSpot, and integrating Buyer Intent data provided a good solution for lead scoring and more actionable information for their sales teams to win more deals.
  • LinkedIn Matched Audiences: This integration allowed the company to combine data from their G2 dashboard and Buyer Intent.
  • Slack: Integrating G2 with Slack allows users to create a custom channel for customer success managers to receive a notification every time a user leaves a review for them . 

With Planhat firing on all cylinders to encourage sales and CSMs to collect more reviews, scaling overall review collection through Review Generation, and operationalizing Buyer Intent data, the company was well on their way to claiming their place as a leader in the market.

Dominating target categories with more ambitious goals on the horizon

Software vendors use reviews to build trust, source customer feedback, and ultimately drive pipeline. But if your product doesn’t have greater positive sentiment than your competitors, there’s only so much you can do to convert prospects.

“Customers want to be sure they’re getting the best value from a solution,” says Roskvist. “This is why prospects who find us on G2 will compare us to other software. It’s why our presence on G2 is so important.”

Fortunately, Planhat’s customer reviews prove how far they’ve come and why they deserve recognition in the market.

Planhat is a leader in seven of their target categories. Over the span of six months, the company successfully earned 191 new reviews - a 366% increase.


target software categories where Planhat is a leader, with more on the way.


increase in net new reviews over 6 months.

Today, Planhat is in a much stronger position. This is evident in their performance across so many categories on G2, their growth to 160+ employees, and their securing of a significant Series A fundraising round.

However, a high number of reviews doesn’t necessarily translate to better performance on G2. 

Planhat knows its customers and provides a solution that’s truly built for their needs. The company’s reviews on G2 show it. Embracing G2 as a means to grow their brand has led to some noteworthy achievements.

Planhat’s results are a testament to what can come when the voice of the customer is core to your strategy.

Ready to make a splash in a hyper-competitive market? Learn more today about G2 Marketing Solutions to see how G2 helps supercharge brand awareness, identify in-market buyers, and win more deals.

G2 Marketing Solutions
Chart new territory and stake your claim.

Explore how G2 Marketing Solutions helps software brands become leaders in challenging and competitive industries.

G2 Marketing Solutions
Chart new territory and stake your claim.

Explore how G2 Marketing Solutions helps software brands become leaders in challenging and competitive industries.

How Planhat Became a Leader in 7 Competitive Categories Entering competitive markets is challenging. See how Planhat became a leader across multiple competitive categories with G2 Marketing Solutions. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_CS001-Planhat_Case_Study_Assets_Social_Blog_featured_image_V1.png
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