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85% of Highspot’s Closed Won Opportunities Influenced by G2

September 6, 2022


Standing out in a crowded market is a challenge that many SaaS companies face. But if you’re anything like Highspot, you understand the power your customers have in helping solidify your place in the market. 

Highspot is a revenue platform that aligns sales, marketing, and customer success to increase the impact of customers’ most critical growth initiatives. The company launched in 2011 and has since grown to 1,000+ employees, serving 8 million users from 5 global offices. 

While Highspot is a leader in the revenue enablement platform market, they are embedded in a space that is crowded and continues to evolve rapidly. Highspot understood that to stay competitive, they had to effectively tell their company’s story – over and over again. 

When Highspot first partnered with G2, they were looking to capitalize on opportunities that reinforced the company’s value proposition through customer voice – at scale.

Reinforcing Highspot’s value proposition

When tackling a crowded, ever-evolving market, one of the most effective ways to build trust with prospects and stand out in a category is through social proof. 


  • Ensure the company story continues to break through a crowded, ever-changing market
  • Solidify market placement in the sales enablement category
  • Leverage customer voice and G2 data reports to amplify messaging at scale and drive new sales

Highspot knew the positive impact leveraging the voice of their customers could have in affirming their value in the market and in reaching more prospects and guiding them through the sales funnel. 

Jarod Greene, Vice President of Product Marketing at Highspot, says, “We know that a powerful way to get our message out at scale is to let our customers tell it. G2 is a platform we look to, not just to collect the voice of customers, but also to have that voice validated.”

Capitalizing on the power of trusted, validated reviews

“When I think of G2, I think trust,” says Greene, who believes that a crucial feature of G2 is that buyers and sellers can rest assured that the rankings and reviews are authentic and validated.

He knows that G2 is open and unbiased, reviews are customer-generated, and vendors can't pay or use influence to be listed higher on category pages.

Greene discusses why this matters. He says, “In this business of customer sentiment  – getting a sense of what the collective has to say – you have to be trusted. There are many platforms out there and ways to frame your value proposition, but trust underpins every buyer's decision. If buyers can't trust the platform, then it's unlikely they'll trust you.”

Greene continues, “G2 delivers the authentic voice of the customer, and they are fully transparent with their algorithms. With G2, people can feel confident that the system is not gamed, it’s not pay-for-play or fake news. That’s huge.”


  • Leverage G2 dashboards to quickly and easily understand Highspot’s most important data
  • Assess Highspot’s reputation and placement in the market through G2 Compare Reports that feature a side-by-side comparison of up to four competing products
  • Use G2 Content Subscription to easily share Highspot performance data with potential customers through accessible, sleek infographics and social media assets

Highspot benefits from G2’s 6 million visitors per month and more than 1.7 million users who have already left reviews on the G2 platform. More than 900 users have written or videotaped authentic, verified reviews on Highspot’s G2 profile alone.

Not only can the Highspot team rest assured that they are receiving authentic, validated, customer reviews that are then ready and waiting for in-market buyers, but they’re also able to see how those reviews place them in relation to their competitors; G2 Compare Reports feature a side-by-side comparison of up to five competing products based on satisfaction ratings.

When it comes to understanding how Highspot is viewed by customers and buyers alike, the team has up-to-the-minute performance data available on easy-to-access dashboards. No time-consuming tools or multiple solutions are needed. No waiting until the end of the week or month for essential information. Teams can measure their performance when they need to, whenever they need to. 

G2 dashboards make Highspot’s most important data visible, understandable, and actionable, so that they can measure and improve their performance. “The dashboards are gold,” says Greene, “ It's, at a glance, everything I need to see to understand what we're doing, what we could be doing better, and the impact it's had on our traffic and buyer intent.” 

G2 dashboards also allow Highspot to see how they stack up against their competitors and give them an overall picture of what’s happening in the market, both right now and historically.

Greene shares,  “We can see where we rank across all the reports we're in. The ability to see what's trending up, what's trending down, and what's coming next has been a huge value add for us. And to be able to go back and forth—in terms of one year, six months, 90 days—has been amazing.”

Highspot is a G2 Content Subscription client, which means they can share their data from Grid, Index, and Compare Reports with existing and potential customers through sleek visuals and infographics, along with shareable social content that is plug-and-play for LinkedIn or Facebook. This allows Highspot’s customer voice to do the selling for them!

“Human beings naturally respond to mental models,” says Greene. “They like putting things in boxes, seeing categories, understanding that  'top right' means good and 'bottom left' means emerging. They need those visuals. G2 checks a major box for us and allows us to say, ‘Here's our category, and here are other vendors within the category. Let's let our customers do the talking, and let's let their customers do the talking.’ ”

G2 is a critical tool in helping Highspot close and win customers

Highspot loves what their customers are saying on G2, so much so that they rely heavily on the placement of Highspot reviews and data in their customer conversations. When new G2 Reports are released, Greene says, the team immediately updates their customer slideware and makes the G2 Grid links a call to action. 

The results speak for themselves. 


of opportunities directly cited G2 as having a Medium or High Impact on their purchasing decision; of the High Impact, 75% became closed won


of all closed-won opportunities were influenced by at least one G2 Report

Greene says that 35% of Highspot opportunities directly cited G2 as having a Medium or High Impact on their purchasing decision – of the High Impact, 75% became closed won business. Overall, 85% of closed won opportunities were influenced by at least one G2 Report. 

“There’s probably not a single sales conversation that we have that doesn’t have G2 as a part of it,” says Greene. “Our ability to use G2 in a customer-facing conversation, whether in presale,  renewal, or expansion, has been tremendous.” 

Connect with buyers, accelerate deals. Learn how G2 Marketing Solutions can help you validate your brand and win more opportunities.

G2 Marketing Solutions Use your customers' voice to accelerate deals

Learn how G2 Marketing Solutions can help you guide buyers down the funnel and close more deals.

G2 Marketing Solutions Use your customers' voice to accelerate deals

Learn how G2 Marketing Solutions can help you guide buyers down the funnel and close more deals.

85% of Highspot’s Closed Won Opportunities Influenced by G2 Learn how Highspot leveraged G2 Marketing Solutions to easily analyze important data and influence 85% of their closed won opportunities. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/customer-story-tiles/customer-stories-tile-highspot.png
Katelyn Silva Katelyn Silva is the owner of Silva Content Solutions and a freelance writer for G2. She has more than 15 years of experience working in education, technology, and non-profit communications and content writing. Silva has a BA in English and sociology from Connecticut College and an MA in humanities from the University of Chicago. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/SilvaPhoto.png