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ROI Hunter Sees 1.5x Increase in Sales Conversion Rate With G2

February 3, 2022


Pivoting your business at the onset of a global pandemic and establishing authority in a new market sounds like an impossible feat. Unless you’re ROI Hunter, which managed to do both – successfully. 

ROI Hunter is a product marketing platform (PMP) that helps e-commerce retailers automate and scale digital promotions to increase profitability and grow sustainably. The platform provides marketers with performance insights and actionable campaign data. 

Previously, ROI Hunter operated as a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP). However, the company knew that in order to remain competitive in the MarTech space, they needed to reposition themselves. 

So by early 2020, the company decided to pivot from being an FMP to a PMP.  

ROI Hunter was then tasked with establishing brand presence and building user confidence in an entirely new market, all while supporting their own business growth.

Boosting trust and establishing authority in a new market

The digital world is highly connected but also cluttered with buying options. Today’s buyers don’t blindly choose products to buy – they meticulously research and compare their options so that they feel confident in their purchase. 

“The global pandemic was beneficial for omnichannel tech businesses and pure-play online retailers,” explains Luna Shirley, CRO at ROI Hunter. “Our pivot, based on a strong vision, was necessary. But the timing wasn’t in our favor.”


  • Establish industry authority and build confidence in a new software space
  • Shorten the sales cycle and increase overall efficiency in the sales process

Now more than ever, social proof is critical when it comes to building trust and seamlessly guiding buyers down the sales funnel. Establishing your brand in the market and providing authentic user reviews helps validate product claims for potential buyers – and in ROI Hunter’s case, establish authority in a new software market. 

By the end of Q2 in 2020, ROI Hunter noticed the sales cycle had become longer. Sales reps shared that their processes were more time-consuming, especially because they had to explain PMP to each prospect. 

“When we pivoted and started pitching PMP to prospective buyers, our sales cycle grew longer,” says Shirley. “Our sales representatives had to do a lot of additional explaining about what PMP even is. We were on the market with a new and unknown solution.” 

The velocity and volume of new deals dropped, and sales efficiency was at an all-time low. At this point, they knew they needed to invest in building their brand footprint and authority as a PMP. 

Building confidence and shortening the sales cycle with G2 Marketing Solutions

In order to increase brand presence and build consumer confidence, ROI Hunter knows it’s crucial to be active on the platforms buyers use the most. And in the B2B SaaS world, that platform is G2. With 60 million annual site visitors, G2 is where people go to research, compare, and buy software and services. 

And so using  G2 Marketing Solutions is a no-brainer. This partnership allows ROI Hunter to connect with customers, provide social proof, and give prospects the confidence to make software purchasing decisions. 


  • Use G2 Review Generation to collect user reviews and build consumer confidence
  • Leverage G2 Content Subscription assets to reduce the length of the sales cycle

ROI Hunter’s strategy is based on collecting reviews to increase overall user rating and brand presence on the platform. And the brand implements smart review collection methods with G2 Review Generation

“What helped us during this crucial transformative period were genuine user reviews on G2,” Samuel Kellett, Head of Brand & Content at ROI Hunter reflects. 

ROI Hunter automates its review engine by placing calls to action in employee email signatures. The goal is to collect reviews in the most organic way possible. Instead of hounding customer lists with emails asking for feedback, ROI Hunter encourages their customer success managers (CSM) to work with their clients directly for reviews and testimonials. 

Roman Šedivý, VP of Customer Success at ROI Hunter, explains, “We created a points system for our CSMs in order to nurture desired behavior, such as proactively asking clients for feedback. We reward our CSMs for getting a customer to leave a review on G2. Since then, the number of user reviews has skyrocketed.”

ROI Hunter also licenses G2 Grid® Reports to show buyers how they compare to other similar products in a target category, based on satisfaction and market presence scores. They promote G2 badges and Grid® Reports on social media, email signatures, opening slides for sales decks, and most recently, videos to showcase their badges and progression. 

“G2 badges are the proof of our clients’ success and Grid® Reports represent our growth and impact on the industry.”

Roman Šedivý
VP of Customer Success at ROI Hunter

The brand also works with G2 to showcase its best user reviews on social media. These social assets are tailor-made for the specific channels ROI Hunter uses for marketing campaigns. 

And to sweeten the deal more, ROI Hunter partners with the G2 Gives program, triggering a donation to a charitable organization when a user leaves a review.

More conversions. Higher efficiency. Shorter sales cycle.

Despite the potential risks of pivoting their business, ROI Hunter had the foresight to double down on strategies that would allow them to build user confidence and shorten their sales cycle over time. 

With G2 Review Generation, the company increased its branding presence and established new market authority with authentic user reviews. Furthermore, the G2 Content Subscription helped equip their sales reps and CSMs with powerful assets to educate users and ultimately shorten the sales cycle. 

Compared to 2020 data, ROI Hunter’s sales cycle is about 20% shorter. Additionally, their sales efficiency has consistently improved, with their December year-over-year (YoY) seeing a 20% improvement in efficiency, and peaking at approximately 57% during July YoY.


shorter sales cycle compared to 2020


peak improvement in sales efficiency YoY

ROI Hunter was also able to significantly increase sales conversion rates simply by incorporating G2 Marketing Solutions into other strategic sales and marketing processes. 

Kellett explains, “We significantly invested into account-based marketing (ABM) strategies and implemented automated nurturing workflows. Our sales reps are able to polish their PMP pitch and gain confidence as we continue to add prominent brands to our client portfolio.”

Because of these compounded strategies, ROI Hunter experienced 1.5x the growth in sales conversion rate over the course of one year.


increase in sales conversion rate in one year

Partnering with G2 helped equip ROI Hunter with the necessary tools to build market presence, continuously gather user reviews, and best of all, convert more sales. Kellett reflects, “Growing validation in the market helped us build credibility as a PMP and successfully complete our pivot.” 

But the story doesn’t end at their successful pivot. ROI Hunter continues to leverage G2 in their everyday sales and marketing efforts. Kellett explains, “G2 Badges play prominent roles in our sales decks. We also display them on our site, on landing pages, and in our email signatures.”

Kellett notes, “We wear our G2 badges proudly.”

Looking to validate your brand, influence buyers, and close more deals? Learn how you can drive revenue with G2 Marketing Solutions

G2 Marketing Solutions Sell more, grow more.

Drive revenue with G2 Marketing Solutions.

G2 Marketing Solutions Sell more, grow more.

Drive revenue with G2 Marketing Solutions.

ROI Hunter Sees 1.5x Increase in Sales Conversion Rate With G2 Learn how ROI Hunter leverages G2 Marketing Solutions to increase their sales conversion rate, shorten the sales cycle, and improve sales efficiency. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/customer-story-tiles/customer-stories-tile-roi-hunter.png
Brittany K. King Brittany K. King is a Content Marketing Manager at G2. She received her BA in English Language & Literature with a concentration in Writing from Pace University. Brittany’s expertise is in supporting G2 products and sellers, focusing specifically on Buyer Intent data and Review Generation. After 5pm, you can find Brittany listening to her extensive record collection, hanging with her dog and cats, or booking her next vacation. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/_Logos/Brittany%20KingUpdated.jpeg https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittking71/