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Everstage Sees a 50% Increase in Pipeline QoQ With G2 Buyer Intent

September 27, 2023

Everstage Increases Pipeline With G2 Buyer Intent

In an increasingly competitive landscape for sales commission software, two key challenges stand out: establishing a strong presence and becoming a prominent player in the market.

It’s no longer about simply having an exceptional product; you must also build a platform where potential customers can not only find you but trust you. 

Founded as a response to the market's need for a more flexible, ROI-driven solution for managing sales commissions, Everstage has grown significantly since 2022 to lead a new age of sales commission software.

Global enterprises and hyper-growth businesses trust Everstage for its unique offering that brings transparency, real-time visibility, and a gamified incentives experience to sales teams.

Everstage knew that to stand out, they would have to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that leveraged their forerunner status in the sales commission software space, combined with the valuable intent data G2 provides.

Leveraging G2 to amplify Everstage’s market presence and credibility

Breaking through market noise and differentiating from both new and legacy competitors presented significant challenges, especially starting from square one.

Before beginning with G2, Everstage did not utilize intent data providers or review platforms to address these needs, leaving a gap in their market intelligence and customer engagement insights.

On the lookout for the best answer, Everstage turned to G2 due to its positive reputation for influencing SaaS buying decisions and the team's past successes with it.

“G2 has become table stakes for SaaS businesses due to its impact on software buying decisions.”

Adithya Krishnaswamy
Head of Marketing, Everstage

Everstage also understood that their path to becoming an industry leader would be far more manageable if they could make data-driven decisions and build credibility through customer reviews.


To reach their goals, the team at Everstage wanted to:

  • Differentiate themselves from new and legacy competitors
  • Establish market credibility through the voice of their customers
  • Run data-driven campaigns for ready-to-buy target prospects

G2 and Everstage’s partnership involved using G2's Review Generation, Content Subscription, and Buyer Intent solutions, each tailored to meet specific strategic objectives. 

Capturing the voice of their customers and amplifying results

Everstage understood that customer reviews were crucial to gaining recognition. They began to collect reviews from their customers to keep their finger on the pulse of their product among users. 

Taking it a step beyond just collecting reviews, any product feedback they got was routed to their product and development team for consideration. Relevant customer feedback was then added to their product roadmap based on the impact the feature can provide.

Any badges or other praises received were repurposed for social media posts, testimonials on their website, and sales enablement collateral. This allowed Everstage to not only use reviews to improve product features but also to amplify their positive reviews for sales and marketing purposes. 


The team at Everstage partners with G2 to extract more value from the world’s largest marketplace for B2B software in the following ways:

  • Capture the voice of their customers through G2 Review Generation.
  • Craft influential content and messaging by leveraging the G2 Content Subscription.
  • Effectively engage in-market buyers and prevent churn with G2 Buyer Intent.

Knowing that the reports and accolades received from G2 would speak for themselves, Everstage leveraged grid and index reports, badges, and competitor comparison reports on their website landing pages, social media and communities, and during sales conversations. 

“We’re able to pick up specific data points and badges that validate our differentiation from our legacy and new-age competitors.”

Adithya Krishnaswamy
Head of Marketing, Everstage

This multi-channel approach allowed Everstage to further establish trust with both existing and prospective customers by utilizing credible, third-party validated proof. This helped them to further set themselves apart in a highly competitive market. 

Targeting in-market accounts with buyer intent 

Buyer Intent was the final piece of the puzzle between Everstage and G2’s partnership. Recognizing that intent data plays such a crucial role, Everstage has a dedicated team working on it.

By tapping into the signals provided by G2 – including which businesses are researching their category, looking at their profile, or comparing them to competitors – Everstage is able to gain a better understanding of where prospective customers are in the buying journey.

This insight allows for personalized messaging tailored to individual buyers' needs and stages in the sales funnel across various channels such as email, paid ads, and LinkedIn.

Internal cross-collaboration is also important when discussing and actioning on Buyer Intent data. To operationalize it, multiple parties are involved in streamlining the process from RevOps to Business Development.

An incredible uptick in customer reviews and pipeline growth

Since beginning their G2 journey, Everstage has achieved remarkable success, both in terms of market presence and sales performance. One of the most impressive outcomes is the improvement in customer satisfaction, which now stands at a 4.9/5 based on over 740 reviews.

“When businesses are looking for a reliable sales compensation solution that leads to high ROI, they are able to identify that Everstage is a great fit for them.” 

Adithya Krishnaswamy
Head of Marketing, Everstage

This helps to strengthen Everstage’s credibility and solidifies its reputation as a leader in the competitive landscape of sales compensation software.

Additionally, G2’s Buyer Intent data has become an invaluable tool for Everstage. Through the use of Buyer Intent, they have seen a 50% growth in their sales pipeline on a quarter-over-quarter basis. Their targeted approach ensures that they focus their resources on prospects who are not just interested but are actively in the market for their solutions. 


customer satisfaction rating on G2


growth in sales pipeline quarter over quarter

As for future plans, Everstage is exploring more personalization in their display advertising strategy for potential customers showing high intent on G2. 

They’re also working on better attribution tracking to identify active businesses across both their website and the G2 platform. This multi-pronged approach is designed to capture leads more effectively and convert them into customers.

Everstage’s advice to other businesses considering G2 is straightforward: it doesn’t matter the size of your company or target market, G2's solutions can provide critical insights, help you stand out from competitors, and increase your market presence. 

“Our presence on G2 has, directly and indirectly, impacted our entire buying cycle and the post-purchase experience."

Adithya Krishnaswamy
Head of Marketing, Everstage

Everstage's collaboration with G2 demonstrates how strategic alignment with customer feedback and data-driven insights can transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

The results speak for themselves: enhanced market visibility, an increase in customer satisfaction, and a robust sales pipeline.

G2 Buyer Intent
Your best customers are waiting.

Get crucial intel needed to reach the right audience at the right time, every time with G2 Buyer Intent.

G2 Buyer Intent
Your best customers are waiting.

Get crucial intel needed to reach the right audience at the right time, every time with G2 Buyer Intent.

Everstage Sees a 50% Increase in Pipeline QoQ With G2 Buyer Intent Learn how Everstage saw a 50% increase in sales pipeline quarter over quarter with G2 Buyer Intent data. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Untitled%20design%20%2847%29.png
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