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Fuse Generated Over $300k of ARR From Clients Who Found Them on G2

July 10, 2020


A success story about how one of our customers, Fuse, leveraged the power of their G2 Premium Profile and the G2 Compare Report to generate more than $300k in annual recurring revenue from clients who found them on G2. More on the full story below:

Customer profile:


The Fuse Workforce Management platform unites time and attendance management, human resources management, and payroll into one system. This lets you spend less time trying to manage different systems, and more time empowering your employees to do great work.

Business need:

Standing out against larger competitors 

Fuse Workforce Management, while smaller among the marketplace, is able to use their high customer satisfaction scores to differentiate themselves from larger competitors.

Buyers have managed to find Fuse even when researching larger, competing products. G2 data powers world class marketing campaigns to educate and engage with prospective buyers through in-depth and timely product information generated from trusted peers—information that they cannot get anywhere else.


Generate high-quality leads with G2

Fuse Workforce Management uses G2 to generate high-quality leads, as well as influence all of their other deals. Fuse feeds prospects to their profile on G2 at every stage of the sales cycle. By referencing their G2 profile in demos, linking to their profile in follow-up emails, and highlighting side-by-side comparisons of their product versus a competitor’s, Fuse has converted prospective buyers into paying customers.


Most of Fuse Workforce Management’s competitors are larger and have the resources to devote some of their efforts to outbound sales; Fuse, however, focuses on inbound sales. Fuse turned to G2 as a channel to promote their brand, gather references smoothly, and put their product directly in front of active buyers. All of this was done in an effort to generate quality leads, increase customer awareness, and position Fuse for several high-profile competitive wins. 



in annual recurring revenue from active buyers on their G2 profile

Increased recurring revenue by 300k

Fuse Workforce Management has seen tremendous ROI from upgrading their profile on G2. Since January 2015, Fuse Workforce Management has leveraged their Premium listing as an opportunity to connect with qualified buyers. As a result, Fuse has generated over $300k of annual recurring revenue from active buyers who discovered their profile on G2.

“If you deliver a high-quality product and a high-quality service in a service industry, then you need as many channels to spread that word and G2 is a great place to do that.”

John Duvall
CEO, Fuse

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