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Customer Guide: How Learnerbly Boosted Their Reviews by 155%

March 27, 2023

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Have you ever experienced the thrill of a post going viral or the satisfaction of receiving a ton of likes on a picture you posted? If you have, then you understand the rush of unexpected success. If not, then you know just how rare and elusive these achievements can be.

For businesses, going viral or getting likes may not be the ultimate goal, but the thrill of overnight success is just as real. That’s exactly what happened to Learnerbly when they decided to go all in on their first G2 campaign. 

Learnerbly is the learning and development (L&D) marketplace that gives employees access to 250+ of the best learning content providers. Their curated, multi-format platform enables personalized learning, based on how individuals like to learn. Easy implementation and budget management help close skill gaps quicker to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.

With so many competitors in the market, their ultimate goal in running a G2 review campaign was to establish their presence and stand out against their competition. 

Kassia Chatting, Learnerbly's Brand Marketing Manager, told us how she was able to take their first G2 review campaign and turn it into a victory.

The best-laid plans

They started by sending out emails to all of their users in one big splash campaign, hoping to get at least 20 reviews, which was what they were advised as the benchmark for G2. Instead, the reviews far surpassed 20 and just kept rolling in. 

Starting with just three reviews, they soon had 467 reviews in two weeks, a 155% increase. Learnerbly also debuted at number 10 in the eLearning Content category and 11 in the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) category. 

“I honestly had prepared for like Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, but I had not planned for Plan Oh My Goodness – so many more reviews than you ever expected.”

Kassia Chatting
Brand Marketing Manager at Learnerbly

The sudden influx of feedback was overwhelming, but the team at Learnerbly didn't let it go to waste. Chatting went through every review, cherry-picking the best and the ones with the most constructive feedback, and segmented them by themes. This allowed her to inform all areas of the business and gain valuable insights and trends.

In fact, their product team took the actionable feedback and incorporated it into their product roadmap. 

The whole company was on board, and the positive reviews were a nice way of celebrating the work being done by everyone. They even took individual or team reviews and shared them in Slack to bring attention to them. As Chatting said, "G2 blew up our Slack."

Don't reinvent the wheel

When it came to their marketing campaign, Learnerbly knew that they needed to make an impact in the crowded market. However, instead of starting from scratch and coming up with something completely new, they turned to G2's resources to see what had worked for others. Based on their findings, they scheduled 3 emails to go out and used G2’s suggested days and times to send them out.

Our guidelines

When to send:

  • Do not send on Mondays (if you really really need to, send it in the afternoon)
  • For Tuesday through Thursday, send between 1pm-4pm
  • For Friday, send mid-morning
  • Try to vary your times (ex. 3pm, 11am, 1pm for a full campaign)

Suggested subject lines:

  • Email 1: Review [Product], get a $25 Amazon card
  • Email 2: Re: Looking for feedback on [Product]
  • Email 3: Last chance - Review [Product], get a $25 Amazon card

As a small company, the 460+ reviews gave them social validation, proving that they could stand with the giants. And with most reviews being 4 or 5 stars, Learnerbly was able to achieve their goal of obtaining badges.

From risk to reward

Despite its success, the G2 review campaign presented some challenges for the small team at Learnerbly. With limited resources and a tight budget, committing to the campaign was a risk. 

However, the team recognized the potential rewards and decided to take the leap. As Chatting says, “ROI was almost immediate for us,” and the campaign ultimately proved to be a worthwhile investment.

The team also had to navigate the process of refining their strategy and learning from their experiences. They realized that they didn't have to achieve everything at once and that it could be a gradual process. In the future, they’ve decided to approach each campaign differently, targeting specific use cases and going from volume to quality.

To seamlessly integrate the review asks into their existing workflows, the team collaborated with their product and customer success teams. They used creative methods to engage their audience and make the reviews more engaging. For instance, they created short videos that used quotes from G2 reviews and added badges to their decks. Additionally, they used G2 badges in social ads and naturally weaved them into their organic marketing efforts.

By taking these steps, the team was able to gain better insight and dig deeper into their customers' feedback. The campaign gave their users a voice for the first time, and Chatting compared the experience of watching the comments to watching Eurovision.

Trust your customers

Through the process of implementing the G2 review campaign, Learnerbly learned the importance of reinforcing what makes their platform great and dedicating time to their customers' experiences. By providing a platform for their customers to voice their feedback, they were able to set themselves apart from their competitors and establish themselves as a thought leader in their industry.

The campaign provided Learnerbly with valuable insights into what their customers want and need, allowing them to refine their product offerings and better serve their audience. By listening to their customers' feedback, Learnerbly was able to identify areas for improvement and prioritize the features that mattered most to their users. This not only improved their product, but it also helped them build a loyal customer base that continued to advocate for their brand.

The success of the G2 review campaign demonstrated the power of investing in customers and providing them with a platform to share their feedback. It showed that customers are more likely to respond positively when they feel like their opinions are being heard and valued. 

So if you're looking to gain visibility in a crowded market, don't be afraid to take risks and invest in your customers. Give them a voice, listen to their feedback, and use it to refine and improve your products and services. 

Are you interested in beginning your own journey of collecting reviews? With G2 Review Generation, your clients can provide authentic and reliable feedback about the products and services you offer.

G2 Review Collection
Proof = growth

The secret to scalable growth? The customer voice. Drive more demand with G2 Review Generation.

G2 Review Collection
Proof = growth

The secret to scalable growth? The customer voice. Drive more demand with G2 Review Generation.

Customer Guide: How Learnerbly Boosted Their Reviews by 155% Learn how Learnerbly boosted their user reviews by 155% by providing a platform for their customers to voice their feedback on G2. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Learnerbly%20blog%20-%20Blog%20Featured%20Image%20-%20JO.png
Erin Boyd Erin Boyd is the Customer Education and Marketing Manager at G2, where she supports all customer education efforts. For the past six years, she's focused on the experience and success of customers through marketing initiatives. Outside of work, you can find her enjoying classic films, watching live music, and exploring new travel destinations. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/1658328463038.jpeg https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-cathleen-boyd/