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Equip Boosts Review Generation with the G2 In-App Review Form

November 16, 2023

Equip Boosts Review Generation

A big mistake businesses across industries are making? Letting reviews that can boost their G2 Profile slip through their fingertips.

Equip, a talent assessment tool that helps businesses filter candidates by assessing them on relevant skills by using various online tests, felt as if that was happening with their email campaigns asking users for reviews.

When Equip set out to build their presence on G2 in their efforts to reach an international customer base, they knew having a robust G2 Profile with quality user reviews was the way to do it. But when one method was falling flat, they turned to one of G2’s new tools – an in-app review generator – to turn things around.

When email campaigns and other review sites just aren't enough

Many companies use email campaigns to generate reviews. And although it may bring success at first, it’s common for the flow of incoming customer reviews to taper off over time.

Equip quickly discovered that it took a lot of time to get reviews from their customers through email, and it required a decent amount of handholding with customers to get them to leave quality, useful reviews. It took several follow-ups and the responses from customers were slow.

Not only did they make an effort with email campaigns, Equip also tried other review sites, but realized the quality just wasn’t as great as reviews from G2. “Plus, G2 reviews are used as excellent social proof compared to other sites,” shares Aishwarya Lohi, Product Marketer at Equip.

Leveraging the G2 in-app review form for more reviews

That all changed when Equip started implementing the in-app review form for candidates and recruiters. 

How does the in-app review form work? It’s simple. The in-app review collection widget provides an easy way to capture G2 reviews while users are already engaged on your company’s website. You can add this form anywhere, with any trigger, such as after they commit a certain action on your website or after a certain amount of active time.

Once Equip pinpointed where on their website they wanted the in-app review form to trigger for candidates and recruiters, creating the design of the form and implementing it to the website, even with their small in-house team, was done in just a week.

To see success, the form doesn’t have to be long and complex. For Equip, the first part of their form was just three straight-forward questions asked after an assessment was completed.

equip review form

Then the form showed:

Equip G2 Review Instructions - Updated

Equip was able to get their first 16 in-app reviews on their G2 profile just three days after the form was live.

“New reviews keep coming in on auto-pilot. It’s like a gift that never stops giving!”

Aishwarya Lohi
Product Marketer, Equip

Now, instead of fully leaning on email campaigns for reviews, Equip only sends out these campaigns once a quarter, mostly seen as a “good to have” part of their review collection strategy instead of the entire strategy. And, since emails are being sent less often, Equip is seeing a better response from less emails.

One of the many advantages of the in--app integration is that users can submit a review without logging into G2. This eliminates the G2 profile creation step for our customers in order to leave a review.

Hearing from more satisfied Equip customers

Since implementing the in-app review form on their website, Equip has seen some truly impressive numbers and have heard from hundreds of happy customers.

Equip has seen an increase of 258 reviews to their G2 Profile – with 217 new reviews in just the last six months. Even more impressive? They’ve been able to maintain their 4.8 star rating.

Some other noteworthy results:


YoY increase in traffic to their G2 profile


QoQ increase in referrals to their website from G2


QoQ increase in CTA clicks on their G2 Profile

Want to see this type of review generation? Aishwarya recommends business start early and shares, “If you are a startup, set up the review form for in-app integration early on. You will reap its rewards as your user base grows!"

Learn more about the tools G2 offers customers, including widgets, InMail prompts, and more.

g2 marketing solutions Hear from more customers.

Explore how G2 Marketing Solutions can help reach more buyers, close more deals, and generate more reviews.

g2 marketing solutions Hear from more customers.

Explore how G2 Marketing Solutions can help reach more buyers, close more deals, and generate more reviews.

Equip Boosts Review Generation with the G2 In-App Review Form By leveraging the G2 in-app review form, Equip experienced a 540% YoY increase in traffic to their G2 profile. See how they did it in this case study. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Equip-blog-feature.png
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