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Turning Real-time Insights Into Leads With G2 Intent Data and LinkedIn

July 7, 2020


A success story about how one of our customers leveraged the power of their G2 buyer intent data to drive 200 MQLs and generate more than $100k in annual recurring revenue from clients who found them on G2. More on the full story below:

Business need:

Standing out against larger competitors

A major marketing automation software company was executing a high-impact review strategy through its partnership with G2. The company was successfully obtaining and utilizing reviews in its sales and marketing cycle, and was eager to take the next step in its G2 strategy.

The company needed a way to identify and target in-market buyers for marketing automation solutions and nurture those buyers through their sales funnel. Knowing G2 offers a vast amount of data from real users and buyers, the company turned to G2’s Buyer Intent data for in-market buyer intelligence.


Generate high-quality leads with G2

With a list of companies showing intent on G2, the company was ready to retarget those accounts with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences capability. LinkedIn’s community of 550M+ business professionals made it a seamless solution: G2 provided the data – buyers with authentic purchase intent – and LinkedIn offered a way to target those buyers at scale.


Utilizing G2 Buyer Intent data, the company uploaded a list of 10,000 companies showing purchase intent on G2 into LinkedIn’s Matched Audience function. The G2 data to LinkedIn data achieved an 85% match rate, higher than any other data they have leveraged in the past.

Additionally, uploading the list of in-market companies into LinkedIn’s Matched Audience tool gave the brand 100x scale by matching back 1 million professionals who work at those organizations.

After building an in-market audience, the brand ran a Sponsored Content campaign on LinkedIn over three months. Each month the data was refreshed to bring in new prospects for targeting. The Sponsored Content nurtured those decision makers with content, ultimately leading to a conversion.



in-market accounts identified by G2


social actions via LinkedIn sponsored updates


marketing qualified leads (MQLs)


in revenue and growing

Increased both qualified leads generated and overall revenue

The true success came from the conversion of 200 leads attributed to G2 Buyer Intent data. In the fourth quarter of 2017 alone, the investment in G2’s Buyer Intent data resulted in more than $100,000 in revenue. By utilizing G2 Buyer Intent data on LinkedIn’s Matched Audience, the marketing automation company was able to close deals and nurture leads at all stages of the funnel.

“The high-quality data from G2, with an 85% match rate, allowed us to retarget to a matched audience and convert leads into sales.”

Marketing Automation Software Executive

In addition to leads, the campaign generated an above benchmark click-through rate of 5% and 660,000 impressions, and garnered 382 additional social actions taken, such as likes, follows, and comments. The campaign also increased traffic to both the company’s website and its G2 profile, with a 10% month-over-month increase in search volume

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Start using G2 today to gather reviews, boost your traffic, and identify buyers — for FREE