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Choose the right ABM platform for your business.

Account-based marketing has staying power. As it zoomed into popularity, a whole bunch of platforms entered the marketplace with nuanced differentiation. Find the best fit for you, and join 67% of businesses implementing ABM.

Give me the guide!


In our guide, we compare eight ABM platforms

(and they all integrate with G2 Buyer Intent)

What’s the big deal?

97% of people report higher ROI when using ABM strategies vs traditional marketing activities


G2 Buyer Intent + ABM

Account-based marketing platforms allow you to target specific, in-market accounts and power personalized experiences.

When integrated with G2 Buyer Intent, you can align automated, personalized messaging to G2.com buyer behaviors for sure-fire mid- to lower-funnel conversion.


Everything you need to know about
ABM + Intent

You’ll learn bottom line details, key differentiators, and essential considerations for each of G2 Buyer Intent’s eight integrations.

We’ll go over:
  • Cost
  • Targeting capabilities
  • Automation features
  • Advertising channels
  • And more!

Grab your objective side-by-side comparison

Discover the right ABM platform and Buyer Intent integration to create truly targeted marketing