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Office Hours

G2 Office Hours brings you revenue & pipeline strategies shared by our resident experts. Whether you're new to G2 or a power user of our G2 Marketing Solutions, Office Hours is a great way to learn how to power your marketing strategy with G2.

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April 25 @ 1PM ET

Tracking G2’s Impact on Your GTM

You asked, and we’re answering. Join the G2 team and learn expert tips to measure performance. We’ll explore the best evaluative practices based on your unique GTM goals, discuss new G2 functionality that simplifies analyzing success, and share common metrics fellow marketers put to use.
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May 30 @ 1pm ET

How to Get Prepared for Report Season

Discover the ins and outs of the Report Calendar, learn actionable strategies for navigating each report cycle efficiently, and understand the criteria behind various report types. We'll also reveal how to sustain momentum beyond a quarterly review push, helping you develop an evergreen review strategy.
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June 27 @ 1pm ET

3 Ways to Use G2 to Get a Leg Up on Your Competitors

Learn how to leverage G2's wealth of resources through Compare Reports, Badges, and review content to refine your marketing strategy. We'll also guide you through understanding the data G2 offers, from Market Intelligence to Pros & Cons and Review Sentiment, to give you a comprehensive view of your standing in the market and where you can jump ahead.
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