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Tracking G2’s Impact on Your GTM

Going to market isn’t easy. Tracking success? Even harder. Until now.

You asked, and we’re answering. Watch the G2 team and learn expert tips to measure performance. We'll explore the best evaluative practices based on your unique GTM goals, discuss new G2 functionality that simplifies analyzing success, and share common metrics fellow marketers put to use.

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Implement goal-specific measurement practices. 


Evaluate ROI and verify value generation. 


Leverage G2’s latest functionality.

Meet the speakers.


Laura Horton

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Laura Horton is Senior Director of Product Marketing at G2. Not only does Laura’s team support G2 Market Intelligence, as Product Marketers they use it, too! Prior to joining G2, Laura held leadership roles in B2B marketing at Pardot/Salesforce and Truist.


Rachel Morris

VP of Product Management

Rachel Morris is VP of Product Management at G2.  She's spent 15+ years in B2B product management roles across different industries, partnering with customers and creating products and solutions to solve their business needs.

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