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CMO Consult: Redefining ROI for B2B Marketers

60% of teams struggle to articulate and prove ROI. And, truth is, ROI in this economy is everything.

Hear C-suite leaders from GTM, SalesIntel, PathFactory, and Airmeet lay out how telling a clear, convincing ROI-centric story is revving up their marketing and sales cycles.

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What you’ll learn.


Why ROI is a key sales and marketing lever in this economy and what GTM problems it solves.


How to use ROI throughout the customer lifecycle (not just at presale).


The different kinds of ROI stories you should be telling, and why they matter more than ever.

Meet the speakers.


Sangram Vajre

CEO @ GTM Partners

Sangram ran marketing at Pardot (acquired by ExactTarget and then ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce for $2.7B), before co-founding Terminus. Named as one of the top 21 B2B Marketing Influencers in the world by the DMN network , Sangram is the author of three GTM books, a frequent keynote speaker, and a host of the top 50 business podcasts called "MOVE: The Go-to-Market Podcast." He currently serves as a co-founder and CEO of GTM Partners, a data-driven analyst firm.

Amy Vosko

VP of Revenue Marketing @ PathFactory

Amy Vosko has over 25 years of experience in martech and ad tech. She has held positions in both the sales and marketing departments, which makes her experience and point of view unique to many of her peers.

Currently, she is the VP of Revenue Marketing at PathFactory, a company that accelerates pipeline and revenue growth through content intelligence. Amy is a results-driven marketing leader who drives revenue growth and creates successful marketing strategies. In addition to aligning Go-To-Market teams, her expertise lies in building high-performing Demand and ABM teams as well as Business Development teams. Amy has held leadership roles at several other well-known organizations like,  Getty Images, The Trade Desk, Bluecore, and Madison Logic before joining PathFactory.

She has spoken for several industry-leading companies such as Drift, Marketo, and Madison Logic. She advocates aligning marketing with sales to achieve business goals.

Mark Kilens

CMO @ Airmeet

Mark Kilens is the CMO of Airmeet, a premium webinar and event experience platform. Airmeet helps B2B brands create captivating and memorable experiences that grow revenue and customer loyalty.

He previously was the VP of Content and Community at Drift where he led the brand, content, creative, and events teams. Prior to joining Drift, he served as VP of Marketing and founder of HubSpot Academy that helped grow HubSpot to more than $600 million in revenue.

When he’s not at Airmeet, Mark enjoys plenty of steak and lobster, a round of golf or two, and loves being on snow or in the ocean.

James Lamberti

CMO @ SalesIntel

James is an experienced go-to-market executive helping B2B companies package complex solutions for a faster and easier sale. While James has been inside the 4 walls of large enterprise companies (Experian, Clorox), he most enjoys helping growth companies scale from $5m to $150m+ ARR (recently Applitools, comScore, InMobi, AdTruth, Conviva) leveraging years of brand building, demand generation, product led growth, and ABM marketing expertise. James is currently the CMO at SalesIntel helping revenue leaders Find Their People and Build Their Pipeline through B2B go-to-market data intelligence and software.

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