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Unlock Intent Data: How to Decode and Leverage Signals to Drive More Revenue

Intent data holds tremendous potential, but realising its full value requires knowing how to apply insights into action.

Whether you’re new to intent data or want to improve your current strategies, this webinar provides the frameworks and best practices to turn insights into actions that drive growth.

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In this webinar, you’ll discover 3 key strategies to optimise your use of intent data, including:


Capturing high-quality signals.

Learn methods for identifying and collecting the intent data that matters most for your business.


Driving growth across the funnel.

Get approaches for activating intent insights for marketing, sales, product and more.


Quantifying value & ROI.

Understand how to connect intent data to revenue and optimise your spend.

Who you’ll hear from.


Lars Skjold Iversen

Growth Director

Lars Skjold Iversen is Growth Director at Umbraco, one of the world's leading open-source .NET content management systems. Lars joined Umbraco in 2019 as employee number 42 and has focused on scaling and automating marketing, sales, and support efforts in a company that has grown to more than 100 employees worldwide. He has been working with digital marketing since 2014, and before joining Umbraco, he worked as a digital marketing specialist at a creative agency, primarily working with the agency's B2B clients.

Sarah Hein

Demand Generation Manager

With 15+ years in marketing strategy and demand gen, Sarah Hein brings expertise from various industries including FinTech, Travel Tech, Deep Tech, and security. As the Demand Generation Manager at Gaviti, an invoice to cash management platform used globally by AR teams, Sarah plays a pivotal role driving their inbound and outbound efforts. This includes the implementation of Gaviti's score-based outbound lead qualification strategy which has proven to be highly effective. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she embraces being a mother of two boys.

Ronan McDonnell

Head of Marketing

With nearly 10 years in SaaS, Ronan has experience in enterprise and SMB sales and marketing. His early SaaS career focused on HighEd tech in North America and Europe, before later moving into HR tech, where he helped HR leaders discover the power behind streamlining HR processes . Currently serving as Head of Marketing at PrivacyEngine, Ronan oversees the entire marketing strategy; from content, design, SEO, PPC and you guessed it - buyer intent!

Robin Izsak-Tseng

VP, Revenue Marketing at G2

Robin Izsak-Tseng is VP of Revenue Marketing at G2. As an experienced growth marketing leader, she has demonstrated success in a range of B2B SaaS organizations and is highly skilled in demand gen, digital, ABM, content strategy, sales & marketing alignment, and category building.

Watch now to unlock the revenue potential of your intent data.