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Best of G2 Badges: Customer Roundup 2023

December 21, 2023

Best of G2 Badges 2023

It’s time to roll out the red carpet for the best G2 Badge uses we’ve seen this year! 

If you remember last year’s list, we chose 12 of the top ways to display badges. This year, the competition was fierce, but we’ve cut it down to ten. Those in the top ten showed creativity and ingenuity in the ways they showed off their badges. We recommend taking a look and using these as inspiration for your own campaigns. 

If you’re curious about how to get on the list, G2 recognizes and awards badges every quarter to companies that deliver outstanding products and ensure exceptional customer experiences. And be sure to stick around to the end for more tips on how to receive G2 Badges. 

Now, let’s get to the badges!


A new addition to the list of ways to display badges, but a classic one, is in your newsletter. Newsletters usually touch a large segment of your customer base, so what better way to show them how much you’re loved than by placing your G2 Badges there?

By showcasing these badges in your newsletter, you’re reinforcing trust and credibility among your audience. It's a tangible way to communicate that your products or services have been acknowledged and endorsed by a reputable third party.

TeamPassword G2 BadgesSource: TeamPassword


Another creative way we’ve seen to showcase your G2 Badges is with plushies. Plushies are great because they also act as tangible markers of success. You can even proudly broadcast your company's achievements to the entire team and on social media

Wiz G2 BadgesSource: Wiz

Login screen

Remind your customers why they chose to work with you every time they log in by putting your G2 Badges front and center. 

G2 Badges are a form of social proof, indicating that your company has satisfied customers and positive reviews. The inclusion of these badges in your login screen leverages this social proof to reassure current customers, instilling confidence in the quality of your offerings.

Spiff G2 BadgesSource: Spiff

ON24 G2 BadgesSource: ON24

Email signatures

In a competitive marketplace, standing out is crucial, especially to prospects. G2 Badges help you differentiate your business from competitors.

Including them in your email signature signals to your audience that your company has achieved a level of distinction and stands out as a trusted choice within your industry. 

Singular G2 BadgesSource: Singular


Video content tends to capture and retain viewer attention more effectively than text. Additionally, videos are highly shareable across various platforms.

When your video showcases G2 Badges prominently, it becomes easily shareable on social media, email campaigns, and other marketing channels. 

Source: Dreamdata

Source: Singular

Source: Intercom

Source: Sprout Social


Your homepage puts your best foot forward. It helps define you and what your brand stands for.

Displaying G2 Badges on your homepage reinforces your brand's authority in the market. It communicates that your company is not just making claims about excellence but has earned recognition from a respected industry source, further solidifying your position as a leader in your field.

Honorlock G2 BadgesSource: Honorlock

How can I get badges of my own?

Receiving a G2 Badge is a great achievement, worthy of celebration. But how can you get one for your company?

G2 Trust Badges are generated automatically when your product achieves top performance status in a G2 Market Report. For example, for a Badge to be earned from a G2 Grid Report, your product must secure placement in either the Leader or High Performer quadrants.

Vendors can access G2's "Best Of" lists by garnering a minimum of 50 published reviews for their products within a designated evaluation period. G2 evaluates products and vendors by considering user reviews alongside data collected from online sources and social networks.

Don’t know how to get started with collecting reviews so that you can earn G2 Badges of your own? G2 Review Generation is the first step toward collecting badges and is a great solution that provides a platform for your customers to share their experiences and opinions about your company.

G2 Trust Badges Provide social proof. Connect with customers.

Place your trust badge front and center. Leverage the power of peer reviews with G2 Trust Badges.

G2 Trust Badges Provide social proof. Connect with customers.

Place your trust badge front and center. Leverage the power of peer reviews with G2 Trust Badges.

Best of G2 Badges: Customer Roundup 2023 It’s time to roll out the red carpet for the top 10 G2 Badge uses that showed creativity and ingenuity! Plus, get tips on how to receive your own G2 Badges. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Blog-BestBadges2023-1200x628-DA-V01@2x.png
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