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5 Factors Shaping Software Buyer Behavior in 2023 & Beyond

Hot off the press, the 2023 G2 Buyer Behavior Report uncovers trends that define today and tomorrow’s buyer. We’re here to help you turn those insights into action.

Watch this information-packed webinar detailing what influences the value-driven buyer and how you can strategize for growth.

Receive a rundown on:

  • The key factors shaping buying over the next 12 months
  • Marketing and sales implications and how to adapt for success
  • Recommendations to win, serve, and retain customers
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Learn the 5 factors to inform your strategy.


The importance of AI is blasting forward and driving decision-making.


Legal teams are increasingly involved with security and compliance. 


Buyers stick to processes but succumb to timing pressures.


The weight of value, scalability, and ease are clear but needs shift based on company size. 


It’s vital that potential software purchases integrate with existing solutions

Meet the speakers.


Mike Weir

Chief Revenue Officer @ G2

Mike Weir is Chief Revenue Officer at G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, where he fuels the growth of the G2 Marketplace through engagement and support of G2 Marketing, Seller, Buyer, and Partner Solutions. Mike joined G2 from LinkedIn, where he spent eight years shaping Go-To-Market strategy and customer support for the Technology vertical, which helped LinkedIn Marketing Solutions become an industry leading partner to the tech industry.  Before LinkedIn, Mike led Marketing teams at technology companies which provides him a unique perspective as a Marketing & Sales Executive with 20 years in the technology industry. A champion of driving Marketing & Sales alignment, Mike discusses this topic in depth with expert guests as the host of G2’s podcast series “GTM Innovators.” 

Robin Izsak-Tseng

VP, Revenue Marketing at G2

Robin Izsak-Tseng is VP of Revenue Marketing at G2. As an experienced growth marketing leader, she has demonstrated success in a range of B2B SaaS organizations and is highly skilled in demand gen, digital, ABM, content strategy, sales & marketing alignment, and category building.

Chris Voce

Vice President of Market Research

With over 20 years of experience in different capacities in the technology industry, Chris Voce is passionate about technology innovation and helping businesses find success by creating better customer experiences by transforming the employee experience. He enjoys figuring out what customers need today and what they'll need tomorrow; and putting a plan in place to make sure both goals are met.