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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and G2 to Prospect and Close Deals

April 8, 2024

linkedin sales navigator and g2 buyer intent

It takes a special and specific formula to be great at closing deals. But what if you could give yourself a tool that makes finding and closing your ideal customers just a little easier?

Ultimately, finding an edge can be the deciding factor in closing more of these deals. Sales intelligence software, like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, paired with G2 Buyer Intent Data, can help revenue organizations increase their chances of success. 

The integration helps identify priority accounts and empowers sellers to engage their in-market buyers. 

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides sales professionals with tools to build and maintain relationships with specific buyers. It’s designed to help sales reps utilize LinkedIn’s network to connect with decision makers and land more – and better – deals.

There are several benefits to using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, including:

  • Unlimited LinkedIn profile searches
  • Job change alerts
  • Advanced lead and company searches
  • Specific keyword mentions from target buyers’ posts
  • Advanced filtering to better search for target audiences
  • CRM integrations

Ultimately, sales professionals use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to quickly and more effectively target people who are the best fit for a product or service, better track developments within their target accounts, and connect with prospects who are ready to buy.


of B2B buyers are in-market to buy at any given time.

Source: LinkedIn

What is G2 Buyer Intent Data?

G2 Buyer Intent Data comes from more than 90 million software buyers annually, looking at specific categories, company products/profiles, product alternatives, or head-to-head comparisons. These buyer intent signals indicate when a company is in the market and ready to purchase a new solution. 

This data enables sales, marketing, and customer success teams to identify where an organization is on its buyer journey. With Buyer Intent, you have the ability to not just see who accounts are, but you also have the tools and integrations to take action and convert them. 

G2 Buyer Intent reveals a company’s buying stage (Awareness, Consideration, or Decision) relative to their G2 engagement to reveal additional insight. Through integrations, G2 Buyer Intent users can bring this data into their workflows to engage with the right companies and convert them at an expedited rate. 

  • For sales teams: Find out which companies are researching your product or service so reps can automatically reach out when these organizations are in an active buying journey and beat their competition to the punch. Additionally, if a seller is using Buyer Intent and gets a signal that a prospect account is looking at alternatives or doing a head-to-head of their product against another, they can use these insights for outreach purposes.
  • For marketing teams: Build targeted ABM campaigns that trigger from new intent data signals. By focusing on the audiences that are researching actively, campaigns drive more qualified conversions. 
  • For customer success teams: Detect churn risk from current customers who are researching your competitors.

How to use G2 Buyer Intent Data and LinkedIn Sales Navigator together

Some things are great individually but are even better when used together – like G2 Buyer Intent Data and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

When the two come together, the entire prospecting workflow comes alive. Buyer Intent users can see the accounts that are in-market or preparing for a purchase, while LinkedIn Sales Navigator reveals contact data for people at those accounts. 

Sellers can engage and nurture the right decision makers with relevant messaging to turn their contacts into prospects. Altogether, the integration automates the process of finding the right people at the right accounts by matching qualified prospective companies with leads that fit ideal customer profiles on Sales Navigator.

Setting up the G2 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration  is simple.


Step 1: Log in to my.G2 to sync  G2 Buyer Intent data and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
Step 2: G2 identifies Buyer Intent accounts and research behaviors on G2.com.
Step 3: Recommended Leads that fit your LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead criteria can be accessed directly in my.G2.
Step 4: Navigate to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to surface the LinkedIn profiles for your Recommended Leads.
Step 5: Engage with decision makers at your high-intent accounts (e.g. InMail, email, LinkedIn Connection).

The integration can be activated for all G2 customers with access to G2 Buyer Intent and a Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license. Just log into both, and you’re ready to go!

linkedin sales navigator

One of the biggest advantages of integrating G2 Buyer Intent Data with LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the filters that help refine your prospect search. These filters will help you reach the right decision makers, using LinkedIn as an additional channel to engage and close faster. In fact, InMail senders get 18-25% responses on average – compared to 3% on email. 

Users can filter by:

  • Firmographics for organizations, like employee count or headquarters locations.
  • Organization activity on G2, such as who is researching your G2 Profile and who is looking at alternative products within a specific category.
  • Technographics, so you can see what software and technology your priority accounts are using.

Since sales reps can easily identify relevant contacts at companies who are showing intent 

to purchase on G2.com, they can save time on tedious prospecting tasks and let the integration handle contact research for them. 

Users will start to see more replies to outreach and InMail messaging, more productive meetings booked, new LinkedIn connections with preferred buyers, and more conversions from lead to opportunity. 

Ultimately, when sales reps and marketers reach out to the right people at the accounts who are in the process of making a purchase decision, efforts will be even more successful.

How sellers can make the most of LinkedIn

Almost half of sellers (45%) say their biggest data challenge is incomplete data. That’s where using G2 and LinkedIn comes in – helping to engage with ideal customers and gaining credibility, all while building influence.

Before you reach out to decision makers and your ideal customers, ensure your LinkedIn profile is in proper shape to share your unique selling proposition and gain credibility with your audience! 

LinkedIn can be an incredibly powerful sales tool, but only if you know how to use it!

Get started today

Don’t miss out on G2’s integration partnership with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which helps sales teams sell smarter and close faster by easily surfacing recommended leads at companies conducting research on G2. 

Arm your sales team with actionable insights to win bigger, better deals. Explore how G2 Buyer Intent gives you mission-critical intelligence to optimize sales engagement.

linkedin sales navigator
Get more wins on LinkedIn

Find and connect with the decision makers who bring you one step closer to revenue outcomes.

linkedin sales navigator
Get more wins on LinkedIn

Find and connect with the decision makers who bring you one step closer to revenue outcomes.

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and G2 to Prospect and Close Deals When used together, LinkedIn Sales Navigator with G2 Buyer Intent are a dynamic duo for sales teams. Learn how to prospect and close more deals using both. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_FI001_Sell_Article_Images_%5Blinkedin_sales_navigator%5D_V1a.png
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