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Win on LinkedIn using G2 Buyer Intent data.

Sales and marketing teams that use G2 and LinkedIn together reach their ideal audience, faster. Find and connect with the decision makers who bring you one step closer to revenue.

  • Create more pipeline with targeted campaigns.
  • Focus sales teams on in-market decision makers.
  • Optimize spend and drive revenue efficiency.
Let's get that win


“We have enjoyed a 4x ROI spend on campaign channels.”

Colin Chang, Senior Manager, Demand Generation

G2 + LinkedIn

Only 5% of your buyers are in-market at any given time. Deploy LinkedIn campaigns that target those in-market prospects, drive qualified pipeline, and optimize performance.

Market with precision.

Hone in on truly active buyers and create LinkedIn campaigns that convert engagement into pipeline. 

Lower cost-per-lead & cost-per-acquisition.

Intent data from the world’s most trusted software marketplace? The source is clear, it's easy to use, and drives more qualified leads straight to sales.

Stronger campaign performance where it matters most.

Data’s worth a thousand words. From CPL to CPA, drive more revenue, more efficiently. 


Reduced CPA by 25%, enabling scaled campaigns that drove better leads.


5% CTR and 5x more leads from G2 campaigns on LinkedIn.


2.3x conversion rates on LinkedIn paid social campaigns.

"My advice to anyone considering G2 Buyer Intent is: if you're a demand gen marketer, you have to get it. I couldn’t ask for more."

Colin ChangSenior Manager, Demand Generation

Read the resources, reap the
revenue rewards. 

Smarter Targeting, Higher Conversion: Unlocking the Power of Intent Data in Advertising

Learn how G2 Buyer Intent integrates with LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Autodesk uses G2  + LinkedIn to increase conversions and lower CPA

Thanks to G2’s integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, get more responses, know your prospects are in-market, and watch the wins roll in.

Reach decision makers with confidence & context.

Connect with actual decision makers right when the iron's hot--as they're showing purchase intent for your products.

Integrate seamlessly.

Integrate actionable G2 intent data into your existing Sales Navigator workflows without missing a beat. 

Book more, sell more.

Targeting ideal prospects on LinkedIn drives more engagement with decision makers for bigger, faster sales.

"Based on reporting, I’ve also found it to be really helpful for prospects that are mid-to-late-funnel. Prospects who were considering or evaluating our product have now moved on to having conversations with our sales team."

Jennifer EllisNorth American Marketing Director

Read the resources, reap the
revenue rewards. 

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and G2 to Prospect and Close Deals

7 Ways to Improve Sales Engagement and Drive Revenue Growth With G2

Book more meetings with ready-to-buy prospects.

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G2 + LinkedIn.