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G2 Review Syndication: 5 Ways G2 Reviews Work Hard for You

May 29, 2024

G2 Review Syndication

The software as a service (SaaS) industry is overflowing with innovative solutions to tackle every issue under the sun. Standing out in this digital economy hinges on three things: value, visibility, and credibility. 

And the key to this distinction? Customer reviews. Genuine experiences shared by peers through the voice of real software customers carry unparalleled weight in guiding choices. 

However, collecting reviews across multiple marketplaces can be a logistical nightmare, draining a vendor’s and their customers' valuable time and resources. Enter G2 review syndication: a powerful solution that simplifies the process and amplifies your brand's voice across various platforms. 

G2 syndication distributes your collected reviews across G2's partner network, including some of the world's most frequented online destinations, like Azure and AWS Marketplaces. With G2 Review Syndication, your customer feedback is no longer siloed — it's shared.

To learn more about how G2 syndication can help you spread your reputation and product narrative to potential buyers everywhere, read on. Let G2 syndication do the hard work for you.

Impact of G2 syndication

Through G2 syndication, our partners can publicly share G2 reviews, star ratings, product descriptions, discussions, and more on corresponding product pages that exist on both G2 and the partner’s marketplace.

This process significantly increases the impact of a profile and the voice of the customer, bringing an authentic narrative directly to marketplaces where purchases are made. It builds trust with potential buyers, increases engagement, and ultimately leads to higher top-line revenue, all without any additional work from the software vendor’s end.

Below are some noteworthy results from G2’s partnership with the AWS marketplace.

The product listings that display G2 reviews:

  • Experience a 14% higher clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Witness a 17% increase in subscription rates
  • Are 13% more likely to convert to a purchase

Centralized review collection

G2 syndication simplifies the management of reviews by centralizing the entire process on the G2 platform, eliminating the need to manage reviews on a platform-by-platform basis. As a seller, you just have to encourage customers to leave reviews on G2; the syndication process takes care of the rest. 

Once the reviews are collected on G2, they are automatically shared across G2's extensive and influential partner network. This centralized review collection guarantees consistent messaging across all partner platforms without any discrepancies. It also puts your review collection on autopilot, so you don't have to collect (and recollect) reviews on other marketplaces. 

This process saves you time and resources that can be used for other strategic tasks. Yes, it's that easy to amplify your brand's voice across various channels while saving time and effort.

g2 review syndication

Enhanced customer advocacy

By syndicating G2 reviews to top-tier marketplaces such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others, your brand's influence extends far beyond your own website, amplifying your customers' voices to reach millions more buyers. This increased visibility translates to greater brand awareness and recognition, positioning you as a leader in your industry. 

Just imagine the impact of showcasing authentic customer experiences directly alongside your product listings on these high-traffic marketplaces.

Increased engagement and conversions

According to G2's latest Buyer Behavior Report, online reviews rank among the most influential sources, alongside industry experts, colleagues, and other internal influencers. 

G2 reviews hold significant weight with potential buyers, working as powerful recommendations from satisfied customers. That’s why the world’s largest brands and marketplaces partner with G2 to syndicate authentic software reviews of the products on their marketplaces. 

Positive customer reviews are an effective way to demonstrate the value of your product to potential buyers. They help build confidence in your brand, simplify finding your product, and increase trust in what you offer. Making this customer feedback easily accessible in various marketplaces allows software buyers to make informed decisions, leading to better sales and higher conversion rates.

Shortened buyer journey

G2’s current taxonomy includes 130,000 vendors and 155,000 software products and services spanning across 2,100 categories, making it the most comprehensive dataset available on the B2B software landscape. Partners that license this taxonomy enhance product search capabilities and simplify competitor categorization, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

As a seller, this means potential buyers can effortlessly locate your products within relevant categories, facilitating a seamless browsing experience. When coupled with validated peer reviews, this personalized journey not only ensures user comfort but also shortens the buyer journey significantly.

A connected ecosystem for buyers and sellers

In the digital marketplace, it's crucial to connect what buyers want with what you're selling. G2 review syndication bridges the gap between buyers and sellers, fostering trust and information flow across various platforms. 

For buyers, having access to trustworthy feedback instantly simplifies decision making. Seeing the G2 badges and reviews gives them the confidence to make a purchase with the right context.

On the seller's side, G2's syndication spreads positive feedback far and wide, allowing your product to shine on every platform. This ensures that wherever your product appears, it's already trusted and recommended, ready to be picked up by the next customer.

How to syndicate your G2 reviews  

Impressed by the benefits you've discovered? Maximizing the reach of your G2 reviews is easy! When your product is listed on G2 and its partnership marketplaces, your reviews will automatically populate in those marketplaces, enhancing your brand's visibility and credibility.

However, if you don't spot your G2 reviews in these marketplaces, reach out to their team to ensure your product data is being shared with G2. 

Once everything is set up, G2 customers can effortlessly track the syndicated reviews by visiting my.G2.com. This will keep you informed about where your reviews are being displayed. By effectively syndicating your G2 reviews, you can boost your brand's success and recognition in the marketplace.

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Turn casual browsers into buyers

Elevate your visibility and credibility among potential customers by having your G2 reviews featured in G2's partnership network. With G2's syndication solution, businesses, irrespective of their size, gain immediate access to the attention and trust that usually takes years to cultivate independently. This is your guaranteed way to stand out among competitors, boost brand awareness, and drive conversions.

In essence, G2's syndication network offers you the unparalleled opportunity to accelerate growth and establish a solid foothold in the competitive marketplace.

Ready to make every review count for more? Request a demo to learn more and get your G2 reviews working for you.

G2 review syndication Reviews on autopilot

Effortlessly distribute your trusted G2 reviews to leading marketplaces and reach more buyers with G2 Syndication.

G2 review syndication Reviews on autopilot

Effortlessly distribute your trusted G2 reviews to leading marketplaces and reach more buyers with G2 Syndication.

G2 Review Syndication: 5 Ways G2 Reviews Work Hard for You Discover how G2 review syndication helps B2B software brands use customer feedback to drive conversion and amplify visibility across leading marketplaces. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Blog-G2ReviewSyndication-FeaturedImage@2x.png
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