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Using G2 Intent Data to Power Your Business Development Teams

In sales, reaching the right person at the right time is the name of the game. But how can you identify those people as they’re actively shopping for a solution like yours? G2 Buyer Intent. In this Office Hours session, our sales development and marketing leaders share how G2’s intent data empowers you to drive a pipeline of warm, high-converting prospects while leaving your competition in the dust.

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Strike while the iron’s hot.

Uncover the moment your ICP engages with your product, category, or competitors on G2.


Hit the gong, cue the adrenaline. 

Sell to bottom-funnel prospects with strong intent to purchase. Increase deal sizes, win faster. 


Kick sales efficiency into high gear. 

Easily integrate prospect intent data into your existing workflows and build hyper-targeted outreach. 

Meet the speakers:


Casey Walsh

Manager, Business Development

Casey Walsh is a Manager of Sales Development and Enterprise Business Development at G2, where he manages our inbound and outbound sales teams who focus on qualified opportunity creation and pipeline generation.  For the last 5+ years, Casey has led his teams to build lasting relationships that turn into long time customers. Outside of work, Casey enjoys watching Chicago Cubs baseball, going on walks with his wife and dog, and trying new restaurants in the city.

Rachel Gianfredi

Principal Product Marketer, Partnerships & Integrations

Rachel is the Senior Manager of Partner and Product Marketing at G2. Rachel has led marketing across multiple disciplines for over 10 years, honing in on her skills and knowledge across content, funnel, partnership, and product. Most recently, Rachel led product and channel marketing at Bombora.

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