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Secrets to Proving ROI with Intent Data

The guide to measuring the impact and value of buyer intent has officially dropped.

Intent data changes the game. It identifies in-market buyers with precision and is one of the smartest ways to hit your rev targets. But you can’t dish out dough for intent data unless it provides concrete, measurable results. And you can’t make that investment in the first place unless you know the ins and outs of maximizing its impact. 

In this guide, learn the 101 on intent data, the pro approach for evaluating campaign performance, and how to maximize efficiency and ROI.

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Measure, test, and visualize intent performance.

The 3 best practices for measuring intent data performance

Maximizing efficiency and ROI with intent and bringing impact to your whole org

Executing an intent strategy with synergy (yep, synergy) across your stack, integrating with marketing automation, ABM, and sales intel tools

"Once you have access to intent data, using it in your campaigns is a no-brainer. Map back to ROI by comparing the success of campaigns powered by intent data, with those that are not."

Sara KoppesDirector, Marketing Ops and Analytics, G2

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proving ROI with intent data guide.