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How to Track & Measure the Impact of Intent

G2 Buyer Intent makes hitting your pipeline goals with less budget possible. It focuses your efforts on shoppers that are already in-market.

But you can’t understand how much oomph an intent-driven strategy brings to your business without setting goals, identifying metrics, and evaluating progress. During this Office Hours session, we discuss:

  • Using different intent data types to effectively target and personalize
  • Best practices for tracking, measuring, and proving the impact of intent data
  • Integrating with CRM and lead scoring tools to scale, track, and automate efforts 
  • How big players have won big using intent data
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Hear templates for success.

We share real-world success stories from companies that have driven serious results with intent data.


Measure the impact.

Walk away with best practices to track and measure the impact of intent data and leverage our new ROI calculator to gauge potential value.


Integrate with top platforms. 

Take advantage of Marketo, HubSpot, or Salesforce by integrating with G2. Score leads, monitor conversions, and automate processes.

Meet the speakers.


Sara Koppes

Director, Marketing Ops & Analytics

Sara leads marketing operations and analytics at G2, known as the Director of MOPs. Sara has played key roles in marketing operations for over 7 years, masterfully connecting sales and revenue teams to identify, forecast, and deliver on pipeline and revenue goals. Previously, Sara led key roles at Sendoso and EverString.

Anna Niles

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Buyer Intent & Content Marketing 

Anna is the Senior Product Marketing Manager on G2’s Buyer Intent offering. She works cross-collaboratively across Product, Marketing, and Revenue teams to build and launch revenue-driving campaigns. Before G2, Anna worked at Atlanta-based companies like 22squared, Calendly, and CallRail.

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