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G2 Profile + Chili Piper Integration

You could be driving more qualified meetings with this powerful new integration! Hear from Rachel and Sara and special guests from Chili Piper to learn how to pack your calendar with prospect meetings.

Meet the speakers:


Rachel Gianfredi

Principal Product Marketer, Partnerships & Integrations

Rachel is the Senior Manager of Partner and Product Marketing at G2. Rachel has led marketing across multiple disciplines for over 10 years, honing in on her skills and knowledge across content, funnel, partnership, and product. Most recently, Rachel led product and channel marketing at Bombora.

Sara Koppes

Director, Marketing Ops & Analytics

Sara leads marketing operations and analytics at G2, known as the Director of MOPs. Sara has played key roles in marketing operations for over 7 years, masterfully connecting sales and revenue teams to identify, forecast, and deliver on pipeline and revenue goals. Previously, Sara led key roles at Sendoso and EverString.