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Free Webinar

How to Use Your Biggest Competitor to Marketing’s Advantage

Learn how a growing SaaS company used “Comparison Content” to tell their story, validate their product, and turn dozens of customers away from the 800 lb gorilla dominating their space.

Who’s the 800 lb gorilla in your space?

And are you ready to convert their customers.

Your biggest competitor has been around for a while, offering the same solution for years.

Sure, the gorilla has clout — but your product is better. Much better. Because you weren’t forced to develop it around stifling legacy software.

You know your solution is superior.

And so do your customers. Now it’s time to prove it to the rest of the industry.

This webinar recording will show you how.


g2-leadership-marie-macbain@2xMarie MacBain
VP of Research Operations, G2
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Wynn White
Chief Marketing Officer, FloQast