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Claim your G2 Profile & 
start the story of more.

More than 80 million B2B software and services shoppers are active on G2 every year, reading reviews, comparing products, and preparing to make a purchasing decision. Claim your profile for free to reach these buyers and start generating more traffic, pipeline, and revenue.

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more traffic is earned by claimed G2 Profiles rather than unclaimed ones. That means your competitors are getting more views and engagement.

Here’s how it happens.


G2 solutions appear in the top 5 Google search results when software shoppers are hunting for software, driving more than 6.5 million people to G2 every month.

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A G2 Profile helps you generate leads, build brand recognition, and collect reviews from customers.


A large part of the 6.5 million monthly shoppers are your prospects and customers. Capture these in-market accounts and drive leads, pipeline, and revenue.

How to claim your G2 Profile.

A cool video or a simple step-by-step. Learn the ropes whichever way you want. 

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Step one

Do a quick search to find your product on g2.com.

Step two

Click on your product. At the top of your profile,
you’ll see a super fun black box with an exclamation
point and the text “Unclaimed”.

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Step 3

Step three

Click on the “Unclaimed” box and follow the
prompts. It’ll direct you to your G2 login page to get
the ball rolling.

Tell me again, why should I claim my G2 Profile? 

90% of buyers are more likely to convert after reading reviews.   Read more


It’s the best deal in marketing (free). 

Whip out your wallet and put it right back in your pocket because claiming your G2 Profile is absolutely free. Doesn’t cost a dime. And it brings big results.

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It drives more revenue.

Prospects shopping on G2 aren’t coming here for fun. They’re coming here ready to buy. A free G2 Profiles capture immediate demand.


It creates awareness.

A search. A few words in a web browser. A couple clicks. And millions of active shoppers landing on G2 to buy software just like yours. That’s the power of a G2 Profile.